Kate Middleton, a fairy tale in blue: polka dot shirt and palazzo pants for 45 euros

Kate Middleton, a fairy tale in blue: polka dot shirt and palazzo pants for 45 euros

Kate Middleton leaves you breathless with the perfect blue outfit: white polka dot silk shirt, palazzo pants and slimming effect coat

Kate Middleton, the special tights against killer heels

Kate Middleton adopts a more minimal and fresh style and leaves you breathless with the perfect blue working girl look that we can all copy: 39 pounds palazzo pants (45 euros approx) and polka dot shirt. The occasion is a fun meeting with three associations that deal with the mental well-being of children and adolescents.

Beside Kate Middleton is her husband William. The couple appears increasingly in tune, after 10 years of marriage and three children, and since Harry returned to California from Meghan Markle, harmony and serenity are the masters. This is also perhaps due to the diplomatic attitude that Will wanted to adopt with his brother in an attempt to find a point of reconciliation that Harry does not seem to want to reach.

So while William and Kate address the issue of mental health with a smile and challenge each other to a game of ping pong, where it seems the Duchess is a real champion, Harry preferred to thunder against Carlo, confessing that since he was 20 he had been thinking about leaving. the Royal Family, disgusted by the way his father treated his mother Diana.

But back to Kate Middleton. For the pleasant afternoon engagement, the Duchess of Cambridge opted for a comfortable and elegant daytime look, easily imitable, choosing blue, a refined color, ideal for any representation situation.

Kate debuts with a silk satin shirt, light blue with white polka dots, like the collar and cuffs, by Tory Burch. Cost? 380 pounds, or about 480 euros. Lady Middleton wisely combines it with a pair of palazzo pants, navy, by Jigsaw, for 45 euros. To give a more formal tone to the outfit, after the red overcoat, there is the long, waisted navy blue coat by Catherine Walker, with a blazer cut, a slimming effect that enhances the thin line of the Duchess.

Polka dot shirt Polka dot shirt You can buy a low cost version of Kate Middleton's shirt online 20.99 EUR Buy on Amazon

As accessories, Lady Middleton chose Emmy London chunky heeled suede pumps for £ 395 (€ 458), which probably fits with gel-fitted tights, and a £ 551 navy blue clutch by Smythson. 640 euros). While she wore a pair of gloves strictly in the same color for the gardening jobs she worked with William.

For leisure activities, even if outdoors, Kate preferred to leave her long hair down and natural make-up. Beautiful earrings with detachable pearls, created by Freya Rose, combined with the Halcyon Days bracelet.

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Kate Middleton and William

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