Kate Middleton and William tremble: succession to the throne revolutionized

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Harry and Meghan's second child Markle pushes active members of the Royal Family off the throne and weakens allies of Kate Middleton and William

The line of succession to the British throne will be revolutionized and it all still depends on Meghan Markle and Harry, albeit this time for good news. The birth of their second child in the summer causes other active members of the Royal Family to demote their right to assume the Crown. And this makes William and Kate Middleton tremble.

In recent months, the Royal Family has been the protagonist of many impactful events: the death of Prince Philip, the Megxit, the heavy accusations of Meghan and Harry that have damaged their image, especially of Charles, but also the birth of two Royals. Baby, August, son of Eugenia of York and Lucas Philip, third son of Zara Tindall.

On May 19, Beatrice of York's pregnancy was announced and the birth of Harry and Meghan's baby girl is expected in the summer. Just the coming into the world of the little girl questions the line of succession, strengthening the Sussexes and weakening other members of the Royal Family, such as the Counts of Wessex, who have always been faithful supporters of Queen Elizabeth who very often resorted to them in delicate matters, for their discretion and diplomacy.

A bitter morsel, strategically speaking, for Her Majesty but also for William and Kate Middleton who somehow see their allies lose power. Of course the arrival of Harry and Meghan's second child is a wonderful event and even if the tensions do not cease to exist between the Sussex and the Crown, it will be a joy for all the Windsors to welcome the little girl with whom, however, they will probably have very little contact, given who will be born in California and it is unlikely that her parents will take her to London.

Having said that, it is obvious that power games follow other rules and the arrival of the child causes both Prince Andrew and his daughters Beatrice and Eugenia and their respective heirs, as well as Edoardo del Wessex, Elizabeth's fourth son, to slip into the line of succession. , and his offspring.

Certainly, the inheritance rights of Charles, William and George remain unaffected. Indeed, immediately after the Cambridge eldest son come his sister Charlotte and his brother Louis. Therefore, continuity remains and no new Royal Baby will be able to undermine them. But after Louis it is Harry who has the right to ascend the throne and after him, Archie and the new baby.

This means that Harry, thanks to his lineage, is strengthened compared to the Crown. During the first wave of the virus, in which both Charles and William were infected, it was assumed that one day Harry could become King himself. A prediction that made many in Great Britain tremble.

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