Kate Middleton enchants with the 400 euro coat. And William closes with Harry

Kate Middleton enchants with the 400 euro coat. And William closes with Harry

William closes with Harry after threatening that his phone calls with Harry will be leaked. But the focus is on Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, the pink look is a charm

Kate Middleton and William continue with their court engagements, finally in attendance, trying to leave the shock behind Harry and Meghan Markle's revelations to Oprah Winfrey. Certainly, the Duchess of Cambridge hasn't lost her touch of class judging by Massimo Dutti's recycled coat that looks lovely on her, worn while visiting an ambulance station in east London.

Kate therefore re-proposed the long double-breasted camel-colored coat by Massimo Dutti, one of the favorite brands of Letizia of Spain. Cost? 349 pounds, about 408 euros. The wool and cashmere outerwear perfectly marks her figure, enhancing her lines and is ideal for protecting her from the last blow of the winter tail. Lady Middleton wore the same coat in January 2020 while visiting Cardiff.

The Duchess of Cambridge chooses an almost monochromatic outfit, varying on shades of light brown. Camel-colored is the turtleneck worn under the coat, like the suede accessories, the Metier London chain bag and the stiletto heel pumps.

According to fashion expert Rochelle White, Kate has adopted a more "chic and simple" style to appear "more mature and professional" during the pandemic crisis. Also in consideration of the specific role that she and her husband William have within the Court, always at the forefront in support of Queen Elizabeth and the Monarchy. All the more so now, after the crisis opened by Harry and Meghan Markle.

In these hours, news has leaked that William would have called his brother after the interview with Oprah, calls however defined as "unproductive". According to reports from the Daily Mail, the Duke of Cambridge has decided to cut off communications with Harry and to permanently close with him after the possibility that his private conversations could be published by American broadcasters leaked.

According to reports, William is "deeply distressed" by the fact that private conversations with his brother become public, a plausible danger after the revelations of Gayle King, CBS presenter, about the phone call between the two brothers. The Duke of Cambridge has therefore decided not to talk to Harry and Meghan Markle anymore, fearing that what he will say could leak on American TV.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

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