Kate Middleton is a charm: the secret of her tuxedo jacket

Kate Middleton è un incanto: il segreto della sua giacca smoking

Kate Middleton reappears in the video and wears a fabulous tuxedo jacket and launches a new image of herself

Kate Middleton reappears in the video, showing up with another of her renowned blazers. This time the Duchess of Cambridge enchants with an ultra chic tuxedo jacket.

Since the pandemic forced her to give up attending events and ceremonies in person, Kate has definitely changed her style in terms of clothing, adapting perfectly to the current situation.

Like Letizia of Spain, the Duchess of Cambridge also wanted to build a simpler and more sober image of herself, changing her looks without sacrificing elegance. Sophisticated and elaborate dresses have been replaced with trouser suits, blazers and even sweaters, with clean and minimal lines. Floral prints, bright colors but also pastel shades have been eliminated at the moment for more neutral shades ranging from blue to dark green, from gray to baby blue. At best Kate has indulged in a touch of pink or a tweed jacket lately.

He almost always wears recycled clothes. A habit that Kate had already adopted in the past, but which she is following with scruple now that her public activity takes place almost entirely at home. Lady Middleton is moving towards brands with a more modern style, to leave Alexander McQueen, Catherine Walker, Emilia Wickstead, Erdem to other times.

As fashion expert Bethan Holt, author of The Duchess of Cambridge: A Decade of Modern Royal Style commented, Kate decided to introduce herself "like one of us". And the jacket he wore to meet a group of trainee nurses on video is proof of this.

Lady Middleton opted for a very refined black tuxedo jacket, fitted, with satin collar, which she coordinated with a pair of dark trousers and a simple white t-shirt with a round neckline to give brightness to the outfit. Even the hair, more and more often left loose, without the sophisticated hairstyles of the past, want to express this new image of Kate that is fresher and closer to people.

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In fact, the Duchess's intervention was aimed precisely at supporting a specific category of citizens who found themselves at the forefront of fighting against Covid. Kate accompanied by William launched a message of solidarity to the young students who are doing their internship in the hospital to become nurses in the middle of the pandemic, commenting: "It was a baptism of fire".

Therefore, for formal and structured outfits we will have to wait some time. Of course, nothing in Kate's clothing is casual. When the time comes, she will return to the "Palace style" that she has also shown in past years and when she does, she will wear the Queen dress she deserves, wearing colorful coats and dresses, following Elizabeth's lesson. Holt is convinced of this: "Kate will have dozens of single-color dresses in the wardrobe that she will pull out on the right occasion". But today his style has moved away from that of His Majesty to make room for less "regal" but more "real" looks.

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