Kate Middleton, Katrina Darling is the awkward cousin who dances burlesque

Kate Middleton, Katrina Darling is the awkward cousin who dances burlesque

Kate Middleton has scandalous cousin who burlesque, poses in Playboy and strips on Instagram

Katrina Darling, Kate Middleton's scandalous cousin

Not only does Meghan Markle have uncomfortable relatives. Kate Middleton also has a second cousin she wanted to disappear. Her name is Katrina Darling and by profession she is a burlesque dancer.

Of course, nothing to do with Meghan's family. Between her jealous half-sister, her convict half-brother and her father who sold himself photos of the wedding preparations and then deserted him with what seemed like an excuse to everyone, Lady Markle is unbeatable. Among other things, Meghan denounced the British newspapers which published excerpts from a letter sent to her parent.

But even Kate has had her work cut out to hide some embarrassing ties from her former commoner life, as some snobbish court member would say.

Especially in the first years of her marriage to William, Lady Middleton tried to divert attention and silence those parental ties that could somehow give rise to scandals. And one of these concerns cousin Katrina Darling, now 30, who strips in public for work, as much as she does it with style, as is widely documented on her Instagram page.

Very long hair, languid gaze, pearly face and then mischievous lingerie, feathers, sequins: this is how Katrina is immortalized on social media and so she goes on stage. To his credit he has a Playboy cover, various photo shoots and fashion shows. In addition to his burlesque shows. In 2014 her participation in London Fashion Week caused a sensation.

Although the Duchess of Cambridge has distanced herself from her uncomfortable relative, Katrina occasionally conquers the limelight of the gossip, renewing the embarrassment of the crowned heads.

Katrina Darling moved from Sunderland to London where, before the pandemic, she frequented several clubs not far from Kensington Palace. A biography with an evocative title has been published about her, By Royal disAppointment, on the cover she is portrayed while she does the middle finger and on the back as a she-devil. According to New Idea, Kate's uncomfortable relative, she was doing tarot cards in London's luxury hotels to make ends meet.

Immediately after her marriage to William, Katrina loved to introduce herself as Kate's cousin, throwing the Duchess of Cambridge into despair. The magazine writes that recently Lady Middleton, increasingly bon ton, was informed of the presence in London of Miss Darling who continues to perform as a burlesque dancer (before the health emergency of course). The news inevitably unsettled Kate. "The Duchess's family does not even know Katrina and the fact that she is still exploiting her distant ties with the Royals deeply embitters her."

In 2011, Katrina discovered she was distantly related to Kate and wasted no time in savoring the opportunities that presented themselves to her thanks to this family relationship. Thus, the following year he received a fabulous amount to appear on the cover of Playboy, then he was 22 years old. She told the magazine that she discovered this connection with Lady Middleton only a few days before her marriage to William and stated: “It was the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Such a thing doesn't happen every day ”.

Katrina and Kate are distantly related because Darling's grandmother is the sister of Lady Middleton's great-grandfather, Thomas Harrison. Of course, the dancer did not miss the opportunity to exploit this bond, so much so that one of her most famous shows is inspired by the Queen and is called, God Save The Queen.

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