Kate Middleton leaves London. And the truth of Albert of Monaco about the contagion of Charles

Kate Middleton with William and children moves to Norfolk but does not give up. And Albert of Monaco rules out having infected Prince Charles

Kate Middleton, Letizia of Spain and the others: pink look from Regine

Kate Middleton with William and her three children, George, Charlotte and Louis, left London to move to Anmer Hall, the country house in Norfolk, a wedding gift from Queen Elizabeth.

The Dukes of Cambridge preferred to move to the countryside where they will experience the period of isolation due to the health emergency that has also affected Britain. The departure from the capital, however, does not result in a decrease in responsibility on the part of William and Kate in supporting the subjects in this difficult moment.

Lady Middleton and her wife demonstrated their commitment and solidarity by visiting the volunteers of a call center, committed to fighting the spread of the infection. This made them very close to the population, unlike Meghan Markle and Harry who have now lost the trust of the people after their decision to leave the Monarchy and Britain. Among other things, the Prince has received an absolute ban on returning to Britain from his father, a ban that comes directly from his wife, Meghan.

Even from the country house, therefore, William and Kate will be completely at the service of Her Majesty, while the latter is at Windsor Castle with her husband Filippo who arrived by helicopter.

Carlo instead, positive for the coronavirus, is being treated in isolation at Balmoral, in his Scottish mansion. The Prince has only mild symptoms. It is not clear who infected him, but it was speculated that it could have been Alberto di Monaco, who was also positive, because the two met on March 10 in a meeting in London (look at the famous people infected).

In this regard, Alberto intervened to tell his truth and to Stéphane Bern's microphones on RTL, as reported by Closer magazine, declared that it is unlikely that he transmitted the virus to Carlo: “We did not shake hands and we greeted only from afar. I don't think I can be accused of having infected him. There were many people at the convention center. There were many opportunities to contract him. "

In the meantime, Alberto's health is improving: “I no longer have a fever. All I have left is a cough. "

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