Kate Middleton on video with the white top. But he risks the diplomatic incident

Kate Middleton on video with the white top. But he risks the diplomatic incident

Kate Middleton launches the new children's project with a Ralph Lauren t-shirt. But it risks the political accident

Kate Middleton is back on video to officially announce a new project that will have enormous weight in her legacy within the Royal Family. The Duchess does this by presenting herself in front of the cameras in an informal white t-shirt, by Ralph Lauren. But worrying experts on real issues is the possible political accident that Kate's new engagement could cause.

In other words, the project conceived by William's wife could have political implications, so it could face difficulties in finding the right balance with other institutions. But let's proceed in order.

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Kate Middleton (who has not yet been seen at Royal Ascot) has officially launched the Center for Early Childhood, an initiative managed by the Royal Foundation, the charity of the Dukes of Cambridge, with a video shared on the official Twitter profile. The foundation could become the legacy that Kate will leave to the Monarchy, contributing in an incisive way to social change.

The project is aimed at early childhood and as the Duchess explains in the video, shot outside, the first years of life are fundamental not only for the individual but for the whole of society. The purpose of the association is therefore to prevent all those problems that may have repercussions in the future from the earliest years. For this reason, he hopes that, through his work, a change can be made in the management of the first 5 years of life that will also have an impact on the school.

But as Richard Palmer, correspondent for the Daily Express noted, Lady Middleton's project, which we recently saw alongside Jill Biden, could collide with political powers, causing a protocol accident. In fact, as a member of the Royal Family, Kate must be politically neutral, but, explains the expert, by going to work on the education of children, her project could have political interference.

While waiting for the collaborators of the Duchess of Cambridge to find the right balance, Kate nevertheless officially presented the new association and did so in an informal way. In fact, she presented herself in front of the cameras with a white t-shirt, in ribbed cotton fabric, slightly puffed sleeves and a square neckline. The top is signed by Ralph Lauren, costs 99 pounds (116 euros approximately). Lady Middleton has already worn it on other occasions, but this time she combines it with Freya Rose's new earrings and a gold necklace, created by Daniella Draper, with a medal engraved with the initials of the three children.

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