“Kate Middleton pregnant”. For the experts it is possible and she never shows up again

"Kate Middleton pregnant".  For the experts it is possible and she never shows up again

Kate Middleton pregnant for the fourth time: the prolonged absence raises suspicions. “It is not to be excluded after the year lived”

Kate Middleton pregnant for the fourth time? The rumors resume after many have noticed the prolonged absence of the Duchess of Cambridge. For real experts it is not to be excluded.

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We are now in late September, schools are resuming as well as the commitments of the crowned heads throughout Europe. Letizia of Spain, who greeted her daughter Leonor who went to college in Wales, has already participated in several events. Mary from Denmark flew to Milan for Design Week, William also returned to public to meet workers dealing with health emergencies and even chatted with a little girl.

Therefore, only Kate Middleton is missing. Such a prolonged absence could very well be due to a sweet wait. All the more so considering the difficulties that the Duchess always had in the first months of pregnancy, when she usually suffers from severe nausea. Among other things, William appeared in a great mood, showing that things are going well, despite the tensions with Harry and Meghan.

Then there is that Cambridge idea of ​​leaving Kensington Palace to move to Windsor, officially to be closer to the Queen, but it could also be a way to live in a more peaceful environment. In fact, Kate has always preferred to stay in the country after pregnancy and after childbirth.

Then a fourth sweet expectation could positively affect the image of the Monarchy, so massacred in the last period by Harry and Meghan that it seems that they have already baptized Lilibet, making a further mistake to Elizabeth.

According to royal affairs experts, Kate Middleton’s fourth pregnancy is possible. In particular, Russell Myers stressed: “Anything is possible after the year we’ve had.” But he also reiterated his concerns about Kate’s pregnancy.

According to the royal commentator, the Cambridge disappeared from the scene simply because they went on vacation and after the media exposure due to the death of Prince Philip and the accusations of Harry and Meghan they felt the need to take a longer break, especially Kate. Although he admits that a fourth sweet expectation of the Duchess is by no means to be excluded.


William beaming

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