Kate Middleton pregnant: new proofs in the look at her brother’s wedding

Kate Middleton pregnant: new proofs in the look at her brother's wedding

Kate Middleton showed up at James and Alizée Thevenet’s wedding in a long green dress, perfect for a maternity look. And he never hid that he wanted the fourth child

Is Kate Middleton pregnant with her fourth child? The clues are many and among them the look at the wedding of his brother James and some statements by the Duchess herself about the desire to have another child.

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Not to mention the “suspicious” move from Kensington Palace to Windsor and the fact that experts in real affairs are convinced that anything is possible in terms of new expectation. But there is more. William and Kate Middleton flew with their three children to the South of France to attend the wedding of James, brother of the Duchess, to Alizée Thevenet. The ceremony took place in the utmost secrecy so much so that the rumors about the wedding were only leaked after the fact. Of photos of the august couple and offspring not even to talk about it, but now interesting details emerge, even if Alizée Thevenet shared on Instagram a shot in a wedding dress, arm in arm with her husband James.

It seems that Kate and William have chosen casual outfits, so nothing too refined and formal, in other words comfortable clothes, ideal if Lady Middleton is really expecting her fourth child. Also because, as is well known, the Duchess suffers from severe nausea in the first months of her expectation.

François Arizzi, who presided over the wedding, said that William and Kate were very discreet so as not to steal the show from the couple. Lady Middleton wore instead a long light green dress, an outfit that would be perfect as a maternity, while the Prince wore a beige suit. Numerous VIPs attended the wedding, which took place in the picturesque village of Bormes-les-Mimosas. And it seems that Royal Baby have particularly enjoyed it.

Another clue about Kate’s pregnancy concerns her open statements about her desire to become a mother again. She always said she wanted a fourth child, but William was more skeptical of having another baby by accident. It may be that his wife presented him with valid reasons.

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