Kate Middleton queen, Camilla's son makes a revelation about the future

Kate Middleton, the secret of the bag to avoid embarrassment

Camilla Parker Bowles' son reveals a background on Kate Middleton's mother and future

Charlotte of Cambridge, when William and Kate's daughter grew up

Tom, son of Camilla Parker Bowles, speaks for the first time about the future of his mother and, indirectly, of Kate Middleton. After the death of Prince Philip, in fact, discussions about the future of the Crown began. Queen Elizabeth has just turned 95 and according to experts she could soon make way for other members of the Royal Family.

On the one hand, there are those who are convinced that Carlo will take his place, flanked by Camilla. On the other hand, many are certain that Kate Middleton and William will ascend the throne, who in recent months have shown that they are ready to take over the British monarchy and guide it towards the future.

Tom, Camilla's son, very close to his mother, intervened on the affair. The food critic and judge of MasterChef was interviewed by The Times. Tom talked about the pain of the death of his partner Alice Procope, who passed away at the age of 42 due to cancer, and also spoke about the future of the monarchy. According to what was reported by the man, who certainly knows the background of the Court very well, the Queen has not yet made a decision. There would therefore have been no choice between Kate and Camilla, both would be vying to become queen.

“I don't know if mom will be queen – she admitted -. The truth is that this has not yet been decided ”. Tom also explained how the role of the mother in the end of the marriage between Diana and Carlo is still today a theme that weighs on his family. When Lady D released the famous interview in which she spoke of a "too crowded marriage", referring to the secret relationship between Carlo and Camilla, he was 18 years old and his existence changed. Tom revealed that even today his children are insulted on social media because of their grandmother. “I say to my children: Do not be offended. They attack you because they think they know you. But that's not the case, ”he explained.

The future of Kate and Camilla therefore still remains uncertain. If the first has shown more and more to live up to the role that awaits it, the second still carries the weight of a past that, perhaps, has never been forgotten by English subjects.

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