Kate Middleton reacts to Meghan Markle's interview: it's a war between TV

Kate Middleton is "stunned and shocked" by Meghan Markle and Harry's decision to give the truth-interview to Oprah Winfrey

Kate Middleton and William were completely "stunned" at the news of the truth-interview that Meghan Markle and Harry gave Oprah Winfrey in which they apparently tell their version of the facts about Megxit and the Royal Family.

According to rumors, the Sussexes have no intention of sparing the Monarchy and not even Queen Elizabeth who has opened the doors of the Palace to them several times in 2020. But after yet another refusal, His Majesty has decided to end this transition period, depriving his grandchildren of any position that has to do with the Crown.

Harry and Meghan, not at all downcast, go on the counter with this interview that promises to reveal everything that has happened between them and the Royal Family. Another hard blow for the Palace which responded with a strong media strategy, anticipating the Queen's TV speech by a few hours from the airing of the Sussex interview.

Kate Middleton's reaction

Meanwhile, a source close to the Cambridge told Express that Kate Middleton and William did not expect such a move from Harry and Meghan and even called them "shocked" by the idea that the Sussexes can tell private and intimate aspects of the life of the Royal Family, almost tracing the famous interview of Lady Diana in which she spoke of the betrayals of Charles and Camilla, who however backfired against the Princess.

The source said William and Kate turned pale at the thought of what Harry and Meghan did, "especially for the timing, just in conjunction with Prince Philip's hospitalization." In recent days Buckingham Palace has made it known that although the Duke of Edinburgh is responding well to treatment, he will remain in the clinic for several days.

The Royal Family has therefore been experiencing a crescendo of tensions from several fronts in recent weeks and the good news, such as the birth of August, the first child of Eugenia of York, and the second pregnancy of Meghan have taken a back seat.

The war between televisions

Also because the Palace will have to face the war between television stations in the coming days to grab the rights for the interview of Meghan and Harry. The Sussex confession will air on CBS in Oprah Winfrey's 90-minute special. The ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group, which will sell the program abroad, wants the interview to land on a free-to-air broadcaster to ensure maximum coverage of the show in Great Britain. It seems that among British TV channels, the favorite both ITV who in the autumn of 2019 had broadcast another burning Sussex interview in which Lady Markle vented on the pressures suffered. “A person wants to live, not to survive”.

According to Variety, Sky is out of the game while streaming giants Amazon Prime and Netflix – which has already signed a £ 112 million deal with the Sussexes – shouldn't be involved.

Furthermore, the BBC is apparently not in the running, as it will broadcast the Queen's annual Commonwealth Day message in a pre-recorded speech in Windsor on March 7 – just 24 hours before Oprah's interview is broadcast in the United States.

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