Kate Middleton scared by Meghan Markle: bitter birthday

A difficult birthday for Kate Middleton: she fears being put aside by Meghan and is left alone by her husband William

Kate Middleton, Catherine Walker's maternity coat

Kate Middleton blows out 37 candles, she was born January 9, 1982, but for her it's a difficult birthday.

First of all because it is the first to celebrate since Meghan Markle arrived. The sister-in-law has fallen like a bolt from the blue in the life of the Duchess of Cambridige.

As Court expert Carole Malone reports, Kate is frightened of Meghan, "the magnificent girl". Since becoming William's girlfriend and then William's wife, Lady Middleton has been accustomed to having the media's attention focused entirely on herself. She was once "the beautiful girl", the first and only bourgeois to have been admitted in the presence of Queen Elizabeth.

Now that Meghan has appeared, Kate fears losing her primacy and "being put aside". A great forgetfulness has already been committed against him in the official video of 2018.

In addition, the two women have very different characters and lifestyles, so they find few meeting points. As the expert observed, Kate represents "the quintessence of the English rose" who attended private schools and never called herself a feminist in the sense of Meghan. The Markle instead is the classic "sailed girl" who comes from a completely different family. "Her parents were divorced and she had to struggle to get everything she wanted."

This fueled the rift between the two women, to the point that Harry's wife made Kate cry. As if that were not enough, Meghan was defined by Palazzo sources, "the difficult Duchess" for her impossible claims.

Whatever the case, Kate and Meghan try to dilute the voices of a tension between them. At Christmas they arrived together in church and Lady Middleton had declared that she agreed with her sister-in-law and was happy with her incoming grandchild.

In any case, it will be difficult for Kate to celebrate her birthday with Meghan. Indeed, she will be alone with her children, as William is engaged in court events. Fortunately, the Duchess of Cambridge can count on the affection of her parents, her sister Pippa and her brother James.

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