Kate Middleton, the 7 euro pantyhose to put up with heels all day

Kate Middleton, the 7 euro pantyhose to put up with heels all day

Kate Middleton's secret trick for putting up with killer heels is a pair of sheer stockings with gel strips. They cost only 7 euros

Kate Middleton, the special tights against killer heels

The secret of Kate Middleton's flawless looks? A pair of pantyhose that allows her to wear very high heels and stand for hours without suffering. The cost of these miraculous stockings? Only 6 pounds, about 7 euros. Therefore, an easy trick within everyone's reach.

To reveal Kate Middleton's secret is the bon ton expert, Myka Meier, who has already pointed out several stylistic tricks used by the Duchess of Cambridge to always be at ease, despite "she is dressed appropriately in every moment".

For example, Meier revealed Kate's trick to get rid of embarrassment, especially during gala evenings and formal events, and it's very simple: always have some object in hand to keep them busy thus avoiding being uncomfortable for not knowing where and how. keep them. She also showed the way in which Lady Middleton holds the clutches elegantly with both hands, placing them in front, on her lap, avoiding the inelegant gesture of tucking the bag under her arm.

But there are many other tricks that the Duchess of Cambridge uses to endure the strict court dress code without too much difficulty and suffering. Thus, for example, Kate, like all other members of the Royal Family, is forbidden to take off coats and jackets in public. Consequently, his look must take into account whether he has the possibility of secluding himself to take off any outerwear or not and therefore depending on the case, the choice can fall on a heavy dress that does not require an overcoat or a light coat that can also be worn indoors, like the red one that Kate recently held while visiting the National Portrait Gallery.

Another uncomfortable element in formal outfits are of course the heels that Kate almost always uses, certainly in all the more institutional events. His décolletée by Gianvito Rossi, of which he owns several models, are very famous, or the Cinderella shoes by Jimmy Choo or even the pink sandals signed by Prada.

Myka Meier unveiled how Kate can endure killer heels for several hours without looking tired or in pain. The simplest trick is the 7 euro pantyhose found at John Lewis. These are sheer stockings with gel strips under the sole of the foot that help the toes adhere to the shoe. As a result, Kate can walk quietly without her feet slipping into her shoes, always remaining balanced.

In fact, the only real rule on which the Queen is uncompromising concerns the obligation to wear stockings by women of the Royal Family. Rule that Meghan Markle promptly disregarded in her two years at Court. Finally, Lady Middleton takes another little help with Alice Bow insoles which give her extra comfort while walking.

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