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The bond between the Queen and Kate Middleton is getting stronger, so much so that The Queen has granted a new privilege to the Duchess of Cambridge. Flawless and always perfect, William's wife in recent months has shown that she is able to bear the weight of the monarchy and take Elizabeth's place alongside Charles's eldest son.

With Meghan Markle and Harry in the United States, Kate has definitely won the hearts of British subjects and the Queen. So much so that the Sovereign has granted the Cambridge a great privilege. In fact, for some weeks now he has allowed the couple to use a wing of Sandringham as an office. The Sovereign is in Windsor Castle in solitary confinement, while Kate and William have not left Anmer Hall in Norfolk after the holidays.

Away from Kensington Palace they therefore asked and obtained permission to work in Sandringham. "They had access to Queen Elizabeth's spare room at Sandringham House to carry on their work during the lockdown," reads The Express. A great honor for the couple who, now more than ever, are committed to supporting the monarchy. In the most difficult months of the Coronavirus emergency, the Cambridge have shown determination and a spirit of self-denial. An attitude that was rewarded by the Queen.

So much so that on the occasion of her wedding anniversary with William she would have thought of a very special gift. This was revealed by Duncan Larcombe, royal biographer, according to whom the Queen is preparing "a surprise in view of the important anniversary". In fact, the Queen would like to deliver the Victorian Royal Order to Middleton, a very important honor for her commitment to the monarchy.
"On the other hand, Elisabetta and Kate have a fantastic relationship – reads Ok Magazine -. The Duchess found the perfect balance between bows in public situations and informal reports on her children ". Kate and William's grandmother would often have video calls to talk about George, Charlotte and Louis. "The contacts between the two women continued even during the pandemic," Larcombe assured.

The relationship with Meghan Markle is more difficult, damaged by the choice of the former Suits star not to return to London with Harry and by the constant refusals to invite the Sovereign.

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