Kate Middleton, William's private side revealed

Kate Middleton and William, a friend reveals how they really are at their home

Away from the spotlight William reveals his private side, between beer, football and a gaffe with Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton and William at the theater: the children steal the show

William's private side, one that no one knows and that only Kate Middleton has experienced. To tell it is Chris Stark, well-known DJ of BBC Radio 1 who revealed to People the background of his visit to Kensington Palace to record an episode of That Peter Crouch. A meeting that is anything but formal, as he himself revealed. In fact, Diana's eldest son, after carrying out the interview, would have spent a few hours in complete relaxation, drinking beer with the DJ and his staff.

A behavior that struck Stark a lot, as he himself told. "At one point, this lady stood up to say she had to go to her next appointment – God knows what it was – and he just canceled it," she explained. So William remained drinking beer and talking about his children and Kate Middleton. Between a sip of beer and a curry snack, the Duke of Cambridge said that he wouldn't mind seeing his son George playing football, perhaps at Aston Villa, his favorite team.

During the chat, William relaxed so much that he even confessed to a gaffe he made in the past with Kate Middleton. The prince revealed that, during the very first appointments with his future wife, he would have given her binoculars. “I wrapped them. They were really nice – he would say -. I was trying to convince her about it. I said: 'They are really amazing, look how far you can see!' But she looked at me perplexed. It didn't go well. Honestly, I have no idea why I bought her binoculars ”.

A funny moment that tells a happy couple. On the other hand, anyone who has had the opportunity to know the Cambridge away from the spotlight has always described them as affable, kind and easy-going. Precisely for this reason both Kate and William are much loved by English subjects, considered perfect to take the place of the Queen when the time comes. Different speech for Meghan Markle and Harry who, after the Megxit, have infuriated the British several times. First because of the economic demands on the Sovereign, then for some choices related to the agreements with Netflix and iTunes.

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