Kate Middleton, William's secret past that puts her in danger

Kate Middleton impatient for the continuous confrontations with Meghan Markle

William's secret past, revealed in a biography, risks endangering Kate Middleton's perfect image

New troubles for Kate Middleton, forced to deal with William's secret past that could endanger the image of perfection created by the Dukes of Cambridge. Over the years, in fact, Lady Diana's eldest son has always been described as the prince charming, impeccable, kind and sweet. Harry instead took on the role of rebel, ready to embarrass the Queen with his stunts.

On the other hand, the tabloids have documented, over the years, Harry's parties and evenings in the company of friends, between beer and a few jokes too many. On William, on the contrary, nothing ever emerged and the figure of the prince has always remained immaculate. At least until today. In fact, a biography written by Robert Lacey and entitled Battle of Brothers came to put Kate and William in difficulty. In the book, the expert reveals some details of the youth of Carlo's eldest son, also underlining the unequal treatment compared to Harry, who has always been considered the "black sheep" of the family.

Lacey revealed that, when he was only 16, William would have had a nightclub built in the basement of Highrove, Carlo's property in Gloucestershire. A place reserved for a few and selected friends, where he would organize private parties called Club H. Far from prying eyes and the press, William would have fun and, according to Lacey, would have repeatedly exaggerated with alcohol.

The indiscretion has not yet been commented by Buckingham Palace, it is certainly yet another hard blow for Kate Middleton who, after the Megxit, has ended up even more in the spotlight. For the journalist and author of the book at the origin of the quarrel between Diana's two children, there would be no Meghan Markle, but the profound dissatisfaction of Harry who has always felt like a "number two" in the royal family. Very close to his older brother, growing up he would have sought his place in the world and would have found it thanks to the former Suits actress. It would have been Markle to give him the courage to do what he had been meditating for a long time: get away from the Royal Family to build a new image.

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