Knowing how to speak: how to use the right words



Knowing how to speak has not gone out of fashion. Indeed: new glory to rhetorical art is the motto of Andrea Granelli And Flavia Trupiaauthors of the manual The rhetoric is alive and in excellent health. Convince, understand, get vaccinated in the days of the web (FrancoAngeli). “Knowing how to speak, exploiting the ancient art of reasoning and dialoguing leads us to live better, at least more lucid, aware and credible,” says Granelli. «In fact, if she knew how to use refines the ability to think, helps interpret reality and communicate our reflections more effectively and clearly“.

The advantages of rhetoric

“Living today without knowing rhetoric is like going naked to the North Pole,” experts say. «It seems paradoxical, but it is precisely the use of digital that has revived this discipline, albeit with modern clothes. For different reasons. In our society, the word is central: digital itself is a language, subject to its own syntax, grammar and rhetoric. Not surprisingly, at the base of the fake news, of the post instigators, of the misleading speeches that circulate on the web there is precisely the drift of rhetoric, that is the handling“.

Knowing the rhetorical techniques, therefore, becomes a tool to understand the deceptive trick e unmask the fallacious reasoning which seem logical but are not. In addition, to restore order in the chaos of the continuous news that bombard us and not to comment or expose us when it is not the case. Precisely because it opens our eyes and brings us back down to earth, rhetoric makes us less sensitive to collective conditioningto anxious alarmisms in favor of a freer and more true thought.

To express yourself at the top

Knowing the rhetoric also serves to communicate concepts and words calibrated on our thoughts. «The” heart “of this subject is studying what to say and how to construct a discourse convincing for ourselves, even before the interlocutors ”, explain Granelli and Trupia. «This discipline, in fact, pushes us to look for arguments to support the thesis. And to organize and exhibit them on the basis of synthetic and clear rules ». Here are the main ones.

  • 1. Let’s say immediately where we want to go, so from create immediately interest and attention.
  • 2. We express our thesis in three principles. The 3 is the right number of concepts that remain in mind.
  • 3. We leave something pending to give the interlocutors the opportunity to complete the speech themselves with ad hoc questions. Thus our discourse will not seem to have been descended from above but built together. To be naturally persuasive.

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