Kylie Jenner goes for mauve makeup (and here’s why we love it)

Kylie Jenner goes for mauve makeup (and here's why we love it)

Mauve makeup is the new trend for Kylie Jenner, who has just launched a series of products in this color, but why is it so successful?

The mauve is one particular shade of purple which contains small amounts of beige. It turns out then a lot easy to match, not too bright and above all extremely versatile.

mauve eye makeup


For this reason it comes very often used as a color for the creation of a total look. This means mauve can be used with great success on both eyes and lips.

It is a perfect transition color, that is, which allows us to gradually and “painlessly” pass from the classic winter make-up to the lighter and more airy spring make-up.

The mauve color is therefore a true ally for spring eye and lip makeup, because it superbly replaces the purples but also the intense browns we use in the cold months.

Who is mauve makeup good for and how to combine this color in spring?

The reason why choosing mauve makeup is always a success is that this color has the fantastic ability to harmonize perfectly with every undertone.

mauve makeup


Mallow has this wonderful feature by virtue of the fact that it is a particular shade of purple.

The purple it is made up of a cold color (blue) and a warm one (red), and the various shades of purple essentially derive from the different percentage of the two colors in the final combination.

As we have said, however, mallow also contains a certain percentage of beige, very close relative of brown, another color par excellence that can take on cold or warm shades.

This means that mallow adapts perfectly to any type of complexion, from those with warmer undertones to those with colder undertones.

The advice of course is to choose a very intense mallow if you have the medium, dark or olive skin, opting for a lighter and almost “watercolor” make-up if you have very fair skin.

In this way you will be able to create looks that will make the face stand out rather than “incorporating” or masking it.

The best combinations for the mauve color

As we have already said, mauve is an extremely versatile color that goes well with a lot of colors, both warm and cold.

The advice is therefore as follows: combine mauve with a color that is color matched with our undertone.

In practice, you will need to aim for a warm color if we have a warm undertone and a cold color if we have a cold undertone.

And if we don’t know precisely what kind of undertone characterizes our skin? No problem: here is TipsForWomens’s very quick guide to find out in a few minutes.

The best combinations for cool undertones are with the dusty pink and cold brown. The latter will serve to intensify the shadows at the outer corner of the eyes, giving the look a lot of depth.

Powder pink, on the other hand, is perfect as a base color for creating a very refined half-cut eye make-up.

Those who have a warm undertone will be able to bet without a doubt on peach and copper, exactly like Kylie Jenner did for the photo that accompanied the product launch. Go ahead (but in moderation) also to the glitter, shimmer and metallic products, which will serve to give some light to a make-up that may be too matte.

mauve eyeshadow


But the important thing is do not overdo the brightness, especially if we are over 40: in fact, as we know at this age, products with a lot of glitter tend to fall off the eyelid due to the many small folds that it begins to form.

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