Lady Diana, her great love breaks the silence after 20 years

Lady Diana, the secret ring and the jeweler's revelation about Dodi

Hasnat Khan, Lady Diana's great love, breaks the silence after twenty years to support William in his battle

For twenty years Hasnat Khan, Lady Diana's great love, remained silent. Today, however, he has chosen to speak to defend the princess and to support William. For some time, in fact, the Duke of Cambridge, also supported by Kate Middleton, has started a battle to reveal the truth about the famous interview given by Diana to Martin Bashir of the BBC in 1995.

This is Lady D's most famous interview in which she gave scandal by telling for the first time the crisis of her bond with Carlo and uttering the famous phrase: "My marriage with Carlo has always been too crowded". Words that prompted the Queen to remove her from the Royal Family and led her to divorce Charles. Recently, the BBC announced the opening of an investigation into the affair, thanks also to the requests of William who has always claimed that his mother was manipulated to make those statements.

Diana never hid how much the bond with Hasnat Khan was important to her. The heart surgeon and the princess have been linked for two years, but have never been photographed together. In fact, Khan has never loved the spotlight and the couple has always hid. Those who knew Lady D have always confirmed how strong the relationship with the doctor was. They had met in 1995 in a very particular way. In fact, she was at the Royal Brompton Hospital to be examined by the acupuncturist Oonagh Toffolo.

Hasnat rushed in to warn Toffolo that her husband would have to operate again to stop a bleeding. They were not introduced and – even stranger – the heart surgeon did not deign to look at Diana, giving her only a quick nod. She was immediately conquered and shortly afterwards an overwhelming love story began, full of obstacles, but also of strong feelings. William and Harry's mom blindly trusted the doctor, so much so that in 1997 she told a friend: "Everyone sells me. Hasnat is the only one who will never sell me ".

Both during the love story and after Lady D's death, the doctor never wanted to speak or give interviews. He decided to break the silence, after twenty years, to defend the princess and support William's thesis. "One of Diana's most attractive qualities was her vulnerability," she said. It was what made her dear to the public. I later realized that Martin identified this vulnerability and exploited it. He was very persuasive with Diana. He was from the BBC, he was respectable, but he filled her head with garbage ”. Not only that: Hasnat explained that at the time even the eldest son had warned his mother: "Mom, that man is not a good person", William said, trying to protect her.

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