Lady Diana, the battle of William and the truth of the psychic on Camilla

Lady Diana, the battle of William and the truth of the psychic on Camilla

"Diana did not blame Camilla for the failure of her marriage," the revelations of her psychic. While William defends the mother's memory

Lady Diana, life of a princess

Diana and Carlo divorced in 1996 and the whole world found Camilla guilty of the end of their marriage. But statements by Lady D psychic Simone Simmons cleared Parker Bowles. While William defends the mother's memory.

But let's proceed in order. According to Simmons to the Express, Diana did not blame Camilla for the failure of her marriage. Of course the betrayals remained and the relationship that Carlo had with her was undeniable, but for the Princess the real reason for the divorce lay in the "wrong timing".

The meeting with Carlo, the wedding, the children … Everything would have arrived at wrong times. When the Prince became engaged to Diana, pushed by his father Filippo who has just turned 99, he was not in love with her, but sacrificed himself for the Crown. Nor did he hide his real sentiment from journalists when he said: "What it means to be in love!", On the day of the engagement. In fact, Carlo and Diana had only two dates before making the relationship official.

The Prince of Wales was 30 years old then and it was not good that he was still a bachelor. He would have liked to marry Camilla, but she, aware that she would never be accepted at the Palazzo, got married to Andrew Parker Bowles. Upon returning from military service, Charles found himself alone and with few alternatives, until Diana was suggested to him, who hurried to marry.

A few years later the Prince realized that he could not forget Camilla and began dating again. Among other things, it seems that they also had a child, but obviously there is no concrete evidence. Then the children came with Diana. First William, the male, the heir to the throne, at which point Carlo hoped for a female. But Harry was born and this was another element of disappointment that further distanced husband and wife.

In the interview in which they announced the divorce, they explained that for years they tried to make the marriage work, but when they realized that they were not in love, they decided to start other relationships.

Even the real expert Ingrid Seward confirms Simmons' thesis, revealing that Diana would have confessed: "What a pity we didn't meet at a different time", after the couple separated, suggesting only that the Princess really believed that the problem was the timing.

Meanwhile, William is fighting a personal battle to keep Diana's memory alive, especially in her three children, George, Charlotte and Louis.

The Express points out with William and Kate Middleton that they decided to keep photos of the Princess at home, they talk about her to their children, telling how much the grandmother had worked to help people. And then of course Diana is their example and the model they follow, as they have done in this period, working as volunteers to support the most needy.

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