Lady Diana, the secret ring and the jeweler's revelation about Dodi

Lady Diana, the secret ring and the jeweler's revelation about Dodi

Few people know, but shortly before dying, Lady Diana bought a mysterious ring with Dodi: the revelations of the jeweler

A mysterious ring, purchased by Lady Diana and Dodi Al Fayed, and a secret that would have embarrassed the Royal Family. Alberto Repossi, a famous jeweler, tells one of the mysteries surrounding the last days of life of William and Harry's mother. It was August 31, 1997 when Lady D lost her life in Paris, with a crash that was fatal to her. Nobody knew at the time, but a few days earlier she and Dodi had gone to Munich to buy a ring.

It was not, as Repossi tells us, a simple jewel, but the ring with which they would announce their engagement. At the time Diana was at the center of the gossip reports, while the Queen was trying to rehabilitate the figure of Charles, tried by the revelations on the clandestine history with Camilla and the unhappy marriage with Spencer.

"Diana and Dodi were cruising on their yacht along the Mediterranean, they docked in Monaco and the princess arrived in front of the window of our boutique next to the Hotel Hermitage – recalled Repossi to Corriere della Sera -. Without even entering, she pointed to a ring that had captured her, a ring from the Dis-moi oui collection, Tell me yes – says the jeweler -. Then they called me to make an appointment in St Tropez where they were headed, to define the choice and size of the ring. So I showed up a few days later in the small hotel in St Tropez that I remember had the rooms overlooking the central pool, and to my surprise I found myself in front of Dodi and Diana. They were alone, without the usual bodyguard retinue … in a semi-deserted hotel still, given the time of day, the conversation lasted 15-20 minutes, we didn't have much time ".

Repossi confirmed that the ring should have formalized the love story between Dodi and Diana. The two had in fact intended to marry. "We reopened the workshop in the middle of August for the ring that we delivered on August 30 in Paris, as promised – he recalled -. They came on purpose from Sardinia to Paris to collect it, and also to spend a few days in the house that had once belonged to the Dukes of Windsor and which I sensed was their intention to do a little retreat outside London ".

A few hours after purchasing the ring, Diana's life would have ended tragically, crashing against the thirteenth pillar of the Pont de l'Alma tunnel in Paris. After Lady D's death, the ring remained a mystery. "The establishment's work began to prepare Carlo's future union – explained Repossi -, and as my personal idea, I think for a media issue we preferred to pass that last summer of Diana like the light summer of a princess , not like the season that precedes an engagement, a new true love ”.

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