Lady Gaga launches her makeup collection: Haus Laboratories. Let's find out together!

Lady Gaga launches her makeup collection: Haus Laboratories. Let's find out together!

She missed the appeal: after all the stars launched in the world of cosmetics, Lady Gaga makes her debut with Haus Laboratories. Let's discover the products!

Yes, only she was missing. Even Lady Gaga has finally created her makeup line, after the rumors appeared almost a year ago on social media and some reference hashtags. Haus Laboratories is born, in collaboration with the star's trusted makeup artist, Sarah Tanno, as well as artistic director of the brand newborn. The claim already heralds the inclusive spirit that has always been professed by Lady Gaga: "Our Haus, your rules" which, translating the name of the brand by assonance, means "our house, your rules". A makeup, therefore, suitable for everyone, without distinction of gender, age and ethnicity and, above all, without pre-established rules of application.

In a long and exciting post on Instagram and during various interviews, Lady Gaga told her story with makeup, provoking the reaction of many followers who, once again, totally identified themselves with her. "Makeup has changed my life. I never felt beautiful and even today there are days when I don't feel beautiful. (…) "," the power of makeup is to change your mood when you feel in your worst moment. But we live in a historical era in which, despite the trick, many people still feel deeply insecure because they may not be able to get a perfect contouring. Or because the lip design is not extremely precise. Or maybe they can't create correct nuances. Here, these are the things I want to clear and against which I want to go ”.

Source: Instagram Haus Laboratories

But what does the long-awaited makeup line of Haus Laboratories by Lady Gaga cover?

To be honest, there has been no lack of controversy on the web regarding this long-awaited release. In fact, it seems that many Little Monsters (this is how Gaga fans are called) did not appreciate the first products offered, judging them to be too simple, not up to expectations, basic, banal and with a cheap, cheap package.

Analyzing the detail, this first release includes 3 types of products: RIP Lip Liner, Le Riot Lip Gloss and Glam Attack, respectively lip pencils, gloss and a multi-purpose hybrid product with a texture that turns from liquid to powder. Each product is offered in six shades and it will be possible to pre-order the products starting today, July 15, pending the big launch scheduled for September. Le Riot Lip Gloss are high brightness glosses with different finishes including shimmer, pearlescent and pure pigment. RIP Lip Liner lip pencils are very pigmented and can also be used as lipstick thanks to a sliding formula that does not dry the lips but at the same time is long-lasting and waterproof, without drooling. Recommended by Lady Gaga in person also the application on the cheeks, for a touch of fresh and delicate blush. The Glam Attacks are multifunction products contained in a pack similar to that of a liquid lipstick, with an applicator that allows you to apply the formula fully or more transparently. The texture is liquid but turns into dust and can be used alone, as a pure pigment or in combination with other products to change the finish.

Source: Instagram Haus Laboratories

A makeup dedicated to everyone, accessible and available for everyone

Another big news is that Lady Labor's Haus Laboratories products will be available for purchase on Amazon: it is the first time, in fact, that a large-scale cosmetic brand has chosen the most famous e-commerce in the world to sell own products. The choice is dictated by the fact that for Lady Gaga, her makeup as well as her music must be accessible to everyone. And so, starting on July 15th and up until the 16th, it will be possible to pre-order the products during Amazon's Prime Days. It will be possible to pre-order nine duo of products (two lip pencils, two glosses or two Glam Attacks) or six sets from three products, each of which includes Rip Lip Liner, Le Riot Gloss and a Glam Attack and will have a price of 54 € .

We just have to try the products of Haus Laboratories and Lady Gaga to discover their performances and wait for the reveal of new, future products!

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