Laura Freddi ready for the wedding. And reveals his greatest desire


Laura Freddi is ready to take the big step with her Leonardo and to return to television with new projects

Laura Freddi is ready to return to television and to crown her biggest dream. The ex of Non è La Rai, in fact, has been absent from the small screen for a long time, probably also to devote more attention to his daughter Ginevra and his partner Leonardo, with whom he is about to get married.

Laura Freddi and Leonardo will get married soon. The two met in 2013 and have never left since. He managed to conquer the heart of the showgirl, despite her being back from a story that ended badly with an entrepreneur, with whom she was married from 2006 to 2008.

In love just like the first day, Leonardo and Laura, after becoming parents of Geneva in 2018, are ready to take the big step. The showgirl announced the wedding on the pages of the weekly Nuovo. In reality, the wedding should have been celebrated already in October, but, due to the health emergency, Leonardo and Laura Freddi preferred to postpone until next year:

Leonardo and I had planned the wedding for October – said Freddi – but we had to postpone everything to a date due to the pandemic.

The two, despite everything, continue to desire to become husband and wife on a fairytale day. Laura Freddi also confessed that her greatest desire is to see her daughter Ginevra walk down the aisle to bring her wedding rings:

I dream of church wedding with my daughter who brings us the wedding rings, an emotion that I hope to live soon. For this reason, I want a big party with many guests to be held next year.

In short, the wedding is officially postponed to 2021. In the meantime, Freddi continues to organize everything in detail and, above all, to evaluate new work projects. After participating in 2016 at Big Brother Vip, the showgirl has drastically reduced her work commitments to devote herself to the family. Now, however, he could return to take part in a new television format and to play a part in a new fiction.

A news that made ex-tissue fans rejoice that, for years, have been looking forward to seeing it on TV, perhaps with a program of its own. When will you announce the new date of your wedding and the details of your work plans?

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