Le Iene, great return for Alessia: with lace and transparencies it's crazy

Alessia Marcuzzi

Alessia Marcuzzi returns to 'Le Iene' after spending a few days in isolation and skipping the last episode. And for her return she chose a breathtaking look

"Fine Isolation", with these words Alessia Marcuzzi announced her return to Le Iene on social networks. And, so, with great energy and a great desire to take back the reins of the program, the presenter returned to the helm of the show.

To force her to remain on the bench, the positivity of her husband Paolo Calabresi Marconi at Covid. A precautionary measure, but necessary, which in the last episode forced Nicola Savino to present alone. This time, however, he can count on the support of Marcuzzi, who returns on a truly special day.

In fact, she also celebrates the 50th anniversary of her husband Paolo, the one who has made her happy for years now. And denied every rumor of crisis, which in the past made a lot of noise, on social media she let herself go to wish her love a happy birthday, publishing a series of photos and a caption at the same time ironic and romantic fully in her style.

No romantic dinner for the two of them, however, only the candles blown out at a distance with a video call documented on Instagram. The commitment of Alessia's evening is everything for Le Iene. And she faced it in style: she wore black trousers and a black bustier made of transparencies and lace. A sensual and beautiful look, which showed off her perfect physique.

Le Iene also hosted Raoul Bova, who in the past was the victim of one of their jokes, giving him the opportunity to promote his fiction Buongiorno Mamma, in which he plays alongside Serena Autieri, Maria Chiara Giannetta, Beatrice Arnera and other top actors. level. And they took the opportunity to steal some information about his private life. Nicola Savino, in fact, asked him if he intends to marry his partner Rocío Muñoz Morales.

Bova has avoided giving an affirmative answer, but has nevertheless left a glimmer that bodes well: "Who knows" has in fact affirmed the possibility of a new marriage. Will Rocìo and Raul decide to get married soon, surprising everyone?

In conclusion. Alessia Marcuzzi's was a great return: her look was impeccable, but what attracted attention was above all her beautiful smile, which has always accompanied her in all her projects and in all her works and which is so popular with audience that, for years, has shown her affection and warmth.

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