Leather: discover the layering. What it is and how it works

Leather: discover the layering. What it is and how it works

From Japan, tips and tricks for a silky skin

The skin of oriental women is envious, that's why the trend setters have gone to put their nose into the beauty of Korean women – who take care of their face and neck even with massages – and Japanese to learn their secrets. One of them is the layering technique, which comes from the land of the Rising Sun. Layering means "overlapping layers" and recalls the concept of performing a series of actions in the right sequence to obtain a radiant result.

Layering step 1: remove makeup with oil

Oriental women never go to sleep without removing make-up perfectly. To do this they use a vegetable oil that with its consistency catches traces of make-up and impurities. It is applied with a light massage, while a cotton pad is used to remove make-up from the eyes.

Layering step 2: wash the face

After eliminating the make-up it is important to wash the face, so as to eliminate any trace of grease. It is important to use a delicate product suitable for your skin to avoid irritating or drying it.

Layering step 3: apply the tonic

It's time to apply a tonic or a tonic lotion, which balances the skin and tightens pores. This phase is important because it prepares the skin to receive subsequent beauty treatments.

Layering step 4: apply the serum

Serum is a real concentrate of beauty for the skin and is a product of Asian tradition that is becoming more and more popular at home. Choose it according to your needs, it can be anti-wrinkle or anti-stain. Apply it starting from the chin and going up towards the cheeks and then towards the forehead, and on the forehead with movements from right to left and vice versa.

Layering step 5: pamper the eye area

The skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate and is the first to show signs of age and fatigue if it is not properly treated. Apply a specific cream, light but rich in nutrients, or a specific serum for the eye area. Gently dab the product over the entire contour, up to the eyebrow area.

Layering step 6: apply the moisturizer

The moisturizer is a product that is also part of our tradition. It is important, however, to choose the right one for the characteristics of our skin. That night, especially if you are no longer young, should be particularly rich, in order to take advantage of the night hours to act.

Layering step 7: apply a lip balm

Lips are a part of the face that should not be overlooked. During the day he applies a product that protects the skin and deeply hydrates it, in the evening it clears a super nourishing product, a real night beauty care.

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