Let your partner read this article: there are the moves he needs to do!

Let your partner read this article: there are the moves he needs to do!

How to make intimate relationships better? Look, we know you’ve been wondering too, no matter how much you love your mate. Do you want two suggestions?

Maybe your partner is a real one magician of intimacycapable of making all the right moves at the right time.

how to make intimate relationships better

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Maybe again, however, how normal it is that your partner is human: sometimes he “does it” well, sometimes he “does it” badly and other times, however, the one who does it well or badly is you!
What are we talking about? But simply from intimacy and what there is to do for improve there yours surrender under the blankets. Such as? Don’t you think there is much more to do?

How to make intimate relationships better: Have your partner read these tips

No, we’re not going to talk to you about today locations strangeat the limit of human and human possibilities editor of the Kamasutra.

how to make intimate relationships better

(source: Canva)

Today, what we want to talk about is how to make intimate relationships better.
How you do it? What can be done?
We always start, and in short, from two important considerations: intimate relationships are fundamental in a relationship, this is true, but they are not everything.
THE advice you read here (like anywhere else) are always generic and reserved for people who might believe they need them.

Only you and your partner can know as it really is there yours intimate life and there is no need to “point the finger” or blame someone for not sparking right now.
Like everything in life, the our intimacy is affected from that that there surrounds: our stress, our commitments and a whole series of embarrassments and taboos that can compromise our happiness.
After all, we had already talked about it here: Discussing sexuality with a partner for the first time can be embarrassing, that’s why we’ve given you these tips!
Today we talk about how to improve intimate relationships, especially from a female point of view. Here because these tips should be read especially by your partner: they should be things already discounted for you!
Let’s find out what they are!

An order for everything

Have you ever ended the relationship because the partner came and you … still not?
There are some pretty awkward times when your partner is tired and happy after reaching orgasm while you … are still all a fire.

Nobody says you absolutely have to make [email protected] a fixed schedule but it would be better, often and willingly, to make sure that… well, you reach orgasm sooner!
We have said a thousand times that orgasm is not the most important thing in [email protected] but … why not try to “warm up” first, trying to to focus up this target?
Instead of coming to an end alone, leaving you “in the middle”, the fact that you “contract” focus on yourself first ensures a not inconsiderable improvement in relationships. The more you have fun, the more you want to do it: remember it to your company!

The map of pleasure

Okay, you are not a pirate and he is not Captain Hook (unless you are interested in some role playing game).
This does not mean, however, that you cannot spend a few minutes together “mapping” the pleasure!

A lot, by now we have discovered it: the G-spot doesn’t exist (or, at least, doesn’t exist the way you think, that’s why we talked about it here).
Instead of looking for the solution “inside” why don’t you show your partner how to do it?
You can indulge yourself using toys, showing him how you touch you and how you reach orgasm and he… well, he can only learn!
Without judgment and without anxiety, do the map of the pleasure together it is perfect to get to understand each other better and, then, have more fun!

How to make intimate relationships better? But what questions, improving intimacy!

Ok, we know: you didn’t understand anything from this title. What should your partner do?
We will explain it to you immediately: the third piece of advice we can give him to understand how to improve relationships concerns intimacy. Not the physical one but that mental!

Let’s take an example: you are both on the sofa, after having eaten dinner and you are watching the news. Terrible news stories on the air, dishes to be washed in the sink, a delirium in the house. Your partner, almost out of nowhere (or so it seems to you) reaches out a hand towards you and says: “Would you like to do it?” the best locations for the end of spring.

Um… the answer is no! Only a madman would think to believe that this approach is sensual and intimate! (But, you’ve learned by now, your partner can be really crazy at times).
Ask to your company from createintimacy“. It’s no coincidence that your relationships don’t go great if you don’t take some time to build the situation!
Arousal, for women and men, works differently – your partner needs to help you create yours!

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