Letizia di Spagna, an enchantment in fuchsia with an exclusive dress. And the daughters challenge her

Letizia di Spagna, an enchantment in fuchsia with an exclusive dress. And the daughters challenge her

Letizia di Spagna wears the fuchsia dress created especially for her. While Leonor and Sofia confirm themselves as it girls with a look of young women

Letizia of Spain recycles the ballerina dress

Letizia of Spain abandons the austere style of the last period and appears with an exclusive dress created especially for her in fuchsia by Moisés Nieto, the color of women of power, recently also chosen by Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth. While Princesses Leonor and Sofia confirm themselves as true 'it girls'.

The special occasion that sees Letizia of Spain and her daughters as the protagonist is the delivery of medals for civil honor, waiting to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the coronation of her husband Felipe on 19 June.

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After imitating Kate Middleton's shirt dress, Reina Letizia still chooses a fuchsia look. Pink in all its shades is the color of the moment. The ballerina outfit worn by the Queen to welcome the Korean President and the First Lady is a success story.

So Letizia dresses again in fuchsia and does so with a creation that has just become part of her wardrobe. It is a minimal dress, with simple and clean lines that have the advantage of enhancing the toned and slim figure of the Queen: boat neckline, three-quarter sleeves, cut at the waist, slightly flared midi skirt. The model is a creation of Moisés Nieto, a brand that she had never worn before.

Although in terms of look Donna Letizia is thrifty and loves recycling (even at the gala with the Korean President she re-proposed the golden flower dress of 2019), this time she allowed herself a frivolity. In fact, the dress she has chosen can only be purchased in midnight blue for € 390, but it was specially created for her in fuchsia. And the choice is divine. The Queen paired it with a pair of high-heeled beige patent leather pumps by Carolina Herrera. As jewels she chose her two-tone earrings, with green and fuchsia precious stones by Tous and her gold ring, by Karen Hallam.

If Donna Letizia is gorgeous with her minimal outfit, her daughters are no less. Indeed this time to shine more is the second child Sofia who wears a trapeze tweed dress, white and fuchsia, and ballet flats with beige braided laces, perfectly coordinated with her mother's look.

Instead, Leonor, who will complete her studies in Wales in September, stands out from the other women of the house, wearing a blue dress, gathered at the side and the Carolina Herrera ballet flats she wore on her confirmation day. The Princess of Asturias, who showed great complicity with her father Felipe of whom she is the heir to the throne, wore a young woman's outfit. On October 30th she turns 16 and is now on her way to her destiny as Queen.

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Leonor, Felipe, Letizia and Sofia

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