Letizia di Spagna, moments of embarrassment at the Museum but she redeems herself

Letizia di Spagna, moments of embarrassment at the Museum but she redeems herself

Letizia di Spagna taken by the arm of the museum manager overcomes the embarrassing situation with class and enchants with her fairytale look

Letizia of Spain recycles the white dress of 2014

Letizia of Spain concluded her weekly agenda with the inauguration of the new headquarters of the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Helga de Alvear Foundation in Caceres. During the event, the Queen was the victim of a small embarrassment from which, however, she came out with class.

After the hearings at the Zarzuela Palace, Donna Letizia was accompanied by her husband Felipe on her short trip outside Madrid. The Royals visited the rooms of the new building, accompanied by the gallery manager and her staff. Although every anti-contagion precaution is scrupulously followed during all the events attended by the Sovereigns, the tour of the works of art has created considerable discomfort for the Queen.

In fact, the head of the Foundation took Letizia by the arm, using her as a sort of stick due to her difficulty in walking. A gesture that in itself is contrary to every court protocol in normal times and even more so it appeared out of place in the period of Covid, when contacts between people must be avoided and distancing is fundamental. In addition, the woman wore the mask badly, leaving her nose uncovered.

Letizia made the best of a bad situation and lent herself to support the manager who for some time did not realize the all too confidential and potentially dangerous gesture. Although at some point, including the mistake, she apologized with no little embarrassment. For her part, the Queen tried not to give weight to the situation and smiled at her from behind the mask, showing that she was not bothered by the incident.

A controlled reaction that of Donna Letizia and almost in expectation, because she has never hidden her aversion to physical contact in the past. In fact, since it became part of the Royal Family, new rules have been introduced in the Court protocol to reduce the occasions in which a handshake was necessary, an act which obviously was totally abolished by the outbreak of the pandemic.

On this occasion Letizia showed that she was in control of herself, even in the situations that make her most uncomfortable and enchanted everyone by wearing a splendid white tweed dress by Felipe Varela, worn for the first time in 2014.

Letizia of Spain

Letizia of Spain, the embarrassing gesture

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