Letizia of Spain jealous of Felipe: the look that betrayed her

Letizia of Spain jealous of Felipe: the look that betrayed her

Letizia of Spain glared at her husband Felipe as he greeted the beautiful journalist Ángeles Blanco

Letizia di Spagna gives her best to the Cerecedo Award: the best looks and the controversial ones

Letizia of Spain would be jealous of her husband Felipe, to the point of not refraining from throwing him unmistakable looks in public. But the other women in this case have nothing, or almost nothing. Letizia's jealousy is towards journalists. The King cannot speak or look at other reports that his wife immediately incinerates him with her eyes.

The last episode took place during the gala for the delivery of the Francisco Cerecedo Journalism Award, organized by the Association of European Journalists. On that occasion Letizia, who also attended a UNICEF meeting this week, enchanted everyone with a fantastic dark dress, signed Armani. A real rarity to see Donna Letizia wearing a made in Italy dress. In fact, among his favorite designers we usually find Hugo Boss, Carolina Herrera, Felipe Varela. The Manolo Blahnik décolletée outfit and a Bottega Veneta clutch completed the outfit.

In short, an outfit that in its minimal lines made the Queen the protagonist of the evening, although others were in the spotlight. The award went to Vicente Vallés, but of course there were other journalists in the room, including Ángeles Blanco, presenter of Informativos Telecinco, and wife of the winner.

During the formal greeting to the Royals, the photographers captured a moment that sparked the debate. Felipe is saying goodbye to Angeles Blanco and Letizia throws a scary look at her husband. The Queen's gesture certainly did not go unnoticed and generated not a few rumors about her jealousy.

Patrycia Centeno, an expert in fashion and politics, contributed to fuel the controversy commented: “I enjoy the fact that the Royal House publishes the photos without filters”. Letizia's jealousy may perhaps be justified by the fact that she herself was a journalist and therefore fears that Felipe may be fascinated by one of her colleagues. Or perhaps knowing the environment, he fears for his marriage.

The fact is that Letizia is caught out for the first time due to her jealousy. In fact, the Queen of Spain has often risen to prominence for misunderstandings in public, angry gestures and not respected protocols. One above all, when on Easter Sunday 2018 she prevented her mother-in-law Sofia of Greece from photographing herself alone with her granddaughters, Leonor and Sofia. But it is the first time that she has disclosed her suspicions towards her husband so openly.

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