Letizia of Spain relaunches the denim dress and annihilates Meghan Markle

Letizia of Spain relaunches the denim dress and annihilates Meghan Markle

Letizia of Spain dares with the denim dress like Meghan Markle. She turns it into a seasonal trend but makes a mistake with accessories

Letizia di Spagna, the trendy denim dress

Letizia of Spain ends the working week by presenting herself to the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism with a great classic from her wardrobe, the denim dress by Hugo Boss. But this time the accessories are wrong.

In the last few days Letizia of Spain has shown her style, first showing off the fantastic red suit by Roberto Torretta, then a new black and white look and finally the Hugo Boss jacket that we should all have. Heading towards the weekend, the Queen opts for a more informal outfit, a chemisier in recycled denim, which as usual transforms into a seasonal trend.

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This is an open front dress in blue jeans with white buttons from her favorite brand, Hugo Boss. It is difficult to see denim wearing crowned heads, especially if they are dressed up. Only Donna Letizia and Meghan Markle, who never took the court dress code too seriously, dared. Kate Middleton and Lady Diana at most wore classic jeans and always in circumstances where the label allowed it.

But Letizia has shown several times that she knows how to wear even more difficult to wear items with elegance and certainly not in line with the most rigid protocol, such as over-the-knee boots or leather dresses.

The story of this dress, on the other hand, closely links Letizia to Meghan. In fact, the first time the Queen wore it was on July 26, 2018 and on that day Lady Markle showed up at the polo match with a very similar dress. Even though Her Majesty knows how to annihilate her rival.

Felipe's wife therefore re-proposes the denim shirt dress, worn several times, renewing it as only she can do with recycled looks. So, she combines it with a high white belt coordinated with a pair of pumps, signed by Lodi. The choice of accessories, however, is not favorable to her. The white is too contrasting with the dark jeans of the dress and creates a stain effect. Much better is the colored striped belt with which the brand proposes its creation.

Many then noticed a drop in style in having rolled up their sleeves. A detail that according to fashion experts is not suitable for an official visit from a Queen.

While the choice of earrings is perfect. As is known, Letizia prefers small and inconspicuous jewels, but lately she has indulged herself with earrings, as when she wore those in the shape of knotted shoelaces. Now, on the other hand, she has opted for two pendants in asymmetrical colored semi-precious stones: on one side they fade from red to pale pink, on the other from blue to green. The creation is signed Tous and it is not the first time that Her Majesty wears them.

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