Letizia of Spain teaches us how to wear long hair after 40

Letizia of Spain teaches us how to wear long hair after 40

Letizia of Spain denies Carolina Herrera and proves that even after 40, long hair is beautiful: you just need to know how to wear it

Letizia of Spain, long hair over 40: the most beautiful hairstyles

Letizia of Spain has turned 48 and is proof that long hair, if well cared for, is not exclusive to 20-year-olds, categorically denying Carolina Herrera's style advice.

Letizia di Spagna has a real predilection for the Venezuelan designer, she wears her clothes very often. One of her favorite looks, to the point of wearing it five times, bears the signature of Carolina Herrera. But the two women disagree on one thing: the hair.

In an interview with the Daily Mail a couple of years ago, Carolina Herrera had dispensed some advice for women over 40. The designer, born in 1939, has very clear ideas about what a woman who has passed should and should not wear. the doors to have class. Herrera bans jeans, bikinis, black and long hair.

It's hard not to listen to her, since she has dressed women who are style icons, from Jackie Kennedy to Michelle Obama, from Kate Middleton to Meghan Markle (remember the pink dress at her first Trooping the Color? Well it was by Carolina Herrera). The designer has taste, has class and knows how to transform an actress into a Duchess, a journalist into a Queen, a model into a First Lady (we're talking about Melania Trump).

Yet despite Letizia is grateful to her and adores her clothes, on one point she cannot follow Carolina Herrera, the stylist of noble origins. For now, she doesn't think about cutting her hair, despite being closer to 50 than 40 years old.

But the Spanish Queen is not wrong. Her hair is perfect and certainly does not expire in the terrible saying "behind the high school, in front of the museum" which makes the idea very well. Surely the short bob gives her a lot. In fact, in 2015 she cut her hair, and then had it grow back. While she showed up with a faux bob at the Cerecedo award in 2019, but she prefers to wear them long. And it does it with class.

Letizia follows some precise rules:

  • Hair should never be frizzy. If the weather is humid or too hot, it collects them in a ponytail, preferably high.
  • Don't overdo it with curls. Waves and curls only on special occasions, usually in the evening.
  • She prefers ponytails to any other crop, except when it comes to formal events and galas where wearing the crown is sometimes required.
  • Use light shades rather than dark shades and let gray strands show through, without bothering to cover them.
  • The effect is that of a beautiful woman over 40, aware of her age but not a slave, who knows how to make the most of every quality and flaw of her person. For example, Letizia does not like to show her knees anymore, but if necessary she knew how to enhance her legs.

    For the record, in an interview with the Daily Mail, Carolina Herrera condemns long hair after 40, but admits the use of botox.

    Letizia of Spain

    Letizia of Spain – Source: Getty Images

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