Letizia of Spain, the generous gesture hidden behind the choice of style

Letizia of Spain, the generous gesture hidden behind the choice of style

The Queen has worn the same bag model in two variations on several occasions, a style choice that hides a noble gesture

Letizia of Spain, the holiday outfit that suits everyone

The appellation of Regina does not only concern her political role in Spain, but also that of style, after all, just look at all the appearances of Letizia of Spain, public or private, to realize that nothing is left to chance: heads of clothing and accessories are always chosen with great care.

Of charm, it is certain, the wife of King Felipe has to sell because it seems that at birth all the characteristics that a queen of style should have had been reserved for her. She, the example of elegance par excellence, does not miss one, as shown by the recent photographs that portray her in these summer days with her family.

And speaking of her looks, there is a detail that has not escaped the most attentive: in fact, on two different occasions, Letizia Ortiz showed off the same bag, but in two different colors. We immediately wondered if the choice was dictated by the practicality of this accessory or if the Queen was particularly fond of the designer of that accessory.

The bags worn by Letizia are in fact by Anna Pérez, designer of FQ Bags, and behind this apparent choice of style hides a generous and heartfelt gesture, typical of a Queen.

The accessory worn by Ortiz in these days of vacation together with her husband and her two daughters Leonor and Sofia, is part of a collection whose profits from donations made on the website will go entirely to research to improve durability and quality. life of cystic fibrosis sufferers.

All the proceeds from the sale of FQ Bags are donated to the Catalan Association of Cystic Fibrosis, which is why Letizia of Spain has chosen to buy and wear those bags. A choice of style, that of the Queen, which however hides an exemplary solidarity.

It is not actually the first time that Ortiz has chosen to marry this cause, exactly one year ago, in fact, the Queen chose to support the cause by wearing the accessories made by the designer.

Letizia, who has recently come under the spotlight for that statement about Leonor's future that has blown everyone away, has therefore converted such a precious object for the future of cystic fibrosis patients, into a style accessory absolutely to have, for a just cause , of course.

Look of Letizia

The bag chosen by Letizia of Spain – Source Getty Images

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