Letizia of Spain, the new black and white look is superlative

Letizia of Spain, the new black and white look is superlative

Letizia di Spagna is gorgeous with the new black and white outfit that anticipates the trends of the summer and we all should have

Letizia di Spagna in red leaves you breathless: white hair and killer heels

Letizia of Spain amazed everyone by wearing a completely new look for the first time in months. It is a classic black and white outfit that she transforms into a superlative and trendy outfit that we should all be inspired by.

Donna Letizia and her husband Felipe presented themselves at one of the events organized by IFEMA, the Madrid fair for the presentation of the new brand and the change of strategy which aims to promote the Spanish capital internationally. At this event so important for the relaunch of her country, the Queen has decided to show off a look that anticipates summer and pays tribute to Spain.

After the fiery red trouser suit by Roberto Torretta, recycled several times since 2018, Letizia totally changes gender and wears a black, sleeveless and fitted top, combining it with a white pleated midi skirt, signed by the house brand, Adolfo Dominguez. Both garments are a new entry in Her Majesty's wardrobe, even if the skirt does not belong to the designer's latest collection but is a creation of a few years ago.

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Letizia uses a great classic of bon ton clothing: the contrasting two-tone combination. The choice of black and white is a winning strategy if you want to create an elegant and formal look, without risking wearing out of fashion shades.

Once again, Felipe's wife has shown once again that she has great style, also in knowing how to enhance the strong points of her figure with the right accessories and garments tailored for her, such as the cropped top that shows off the sculpted muscles .

So Letizia enhances the wasp waist, taking advantage of Burberry's high belt and slimming the silhouette by once again wearing her iconic Manolo Blahnik décolletées that she chooses on the most important occasions, which she coordinates with the precious black clutch with hour details by Nina Ricci . The teardrop diamond earrings embellish the outfit. The ultra-smooth hairstyle that elegantly enhances increasingly white hair is also splendid.

Shortly before going to the Madrid Fair, Letizia and Felipe met Hugh Elliott, the British ambassador, to whom they expressed their condolences on the death of the Duke of Edinburgh. The Rulers have also sent a tender personal message to Queen Elizabeth in which they address her as Aunt Lilibet.

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Letizia of Spain

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