Lip gloss vs lipstick: find out which one to choose based on the type of occasion

Lip gloss vs lipstick: find out which one to choose based on the type of occasion

Do you have to go out and are you undecided whether to choose the lip gloss or the lipstick? Discover with us the most suitable according to the type of occasion.

Lip cosmetics are considered a must have when it comes to makeup and you can probably guess why. With a relatively low price, lip products manage to complement our look beautifully.

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As you may have already noticed, there is a large variety of lip cosmetics, most of which can be divided into two categories: lipsticks and lip glosses.

Lip gloss and lipstick: which of the two is recommended to choose?

Have you asked yourself what is the substantial difference between the two and above all, on what occasion is it better to choose one rather than the other? Below we want to deepen the differences between lipstick and lip gloss. Whether you are a makeup expert or a novice in cosmetics, these tips will surely be very useful to you.

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Starting from the lipsticks, the latter they can create virtually any look and they can be experimented with different makeup choices and fashion trends to find what matches their style. The light lipsticks or slightly pigmented will create a delicate or subtle look. The heaviest lipsticks or highly pigmented will create dramatic and impactful lips.

The lip gloss instead, it is defined by its own brilliancewhich together with his consistency make lips appear softer and easier to kiss too! Just a touch of gloss on the lips to instantly achieve a natural shine. For a more fun and distinctive look, apply more to get shiny, shiny lips.


When deciding which lip product to use, the method of application it is a more important factor than one might think. Some lip products can be applied without the need for a mirror, while others are more challenging and require a steady hand, a series of application steps and specific skills to achieve a flawless look, such as lipsticks.

In particular, exfoliate and moisturize regularly lips so that they are fresh and not dry or chapped is the key to an even lipstick. Furthermore, you can also add a lip liner, which adds color, depth and definition. Preparing and contouring the lips will also help the lipstick last longer.

High-hydration, low-pigment lipsticks do not require the same level of preparation as low-hydration, high-pigment lipsticks. The reason is that moisturizing lipstick can help hide dry lips. So, with cream, semi-opaque and above all opaque lipsticksit is advisable to prepare and outline the lips with a lip liner before applying the color.

As for the lip glosses, the preparation and the contour of the lips they are essential steps in the application process, especially if you want your lip gloss to last a long time. However, with many lip glosses, especially those with a light color and texture, they can be applied quickly without any preparation.


Compared to other makeup products, lip products are more likely to wear off later in the day, especially after eating or drinking. Some lipsticks are designed for greater sealinga plus for women who don’t want to bother reapplying lip color.

So, the key to everything is this: the less moisture there is in the product, the longer the product will stay. This means that satin and sheer lipsticks, which tend to be more hydrated, will fade faster than low-hydration lipsticks such as creams, semi-opaque and opaque. Lip glosses, on the other hand, do not have the same strength as lipsticks. However, there are some things you can do to keep the gloss longer, such as creating a color base or applying a setting powder.

Where to wear them

Obviously, nothing prevents you from wearing both on any occasion, but they are there some situations where it is advisable to choose one rather than the other. For example, lipstick usually looks good a refined look, suitable for all occasions when you want your makeup to look refined, such as in the office or on a date. If you’re unsure which lip product to wear, opt for a nude shadewhich adapts to all kinds of circumstances.

The lip gloss instead, it goes well with a dramatic and bold eye make-up. The product is also an excellent substitute for lipstick during the day. A glossy, yet natural, lip makes you look great even if you haven’t had much time to prepare.

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With a touch of sheen on your lips at work or on your way to coffee, you can have it a discreet and sophisticated lookas long as you use a silky, quality gloss formula.

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