Liquid hair, the favorite trend of celebs all over the world

Liquid hair, the favorite trend of celebs all over the world

Liquid hair is the latest hair trend that has landed directly in Hollywood and is chosen by all the most iconic celebs. Here’s what it is.

The hair trends of spring 2022 – as well as fashion and beauty ones – are truly varied.

Liquid hair

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Let’s move on “Lumi lights”, the play of light and halfway between honey blonde and a natural nuance, to the lily cut, the medium cut that takes its name from the overlapping petals of the lily flower.

The means are there the “foilayage” waves, that allow you to mix the “highlights” with balayage and have a “blushed” finish and short cuts, such as the mixie cut, just to name one.

But there is also a trend that comes directly from Hollywood and the favorite of the most iconic celebs: let’s talk about liquid hair. But what exactly are they and how are they obtained?

Liquid Hair: everything you need to know about the current trend

Very smooth, shiny, fluid: liquid hair is the dream of many celebs of all the world.

Liquid hair

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This is a technique that allows you to ensure that the foliage reflects the light, as if it were water in motion.

Very similar to Glass Hair, the trend that depopulated in 2018, which however included a very smooth blob, this one provides a much more natural hair.

The liquid hair anyway they require a dark base with warm reflections (e.g. bronze color) and balanced light streaks. The final effect will be anyway a shiny, silky and soft hair.

The main thing is to be able to create the right balance between length and color, obviously including reflections.

But how can this effect be achieved? First of all, the sine qua non for this trend to be perfect is that the hair is healthy.

On a brittle, untreated hair that tends to break easily there would be very little to do and the final effect would certainly not be the same.

If carried out by the hairdresser, this technique generally involves the application of a special shampoo that can open the scales of the hair and then the actual treatment based on specific professional products.

After that, the hairdresser he will first dry the hair with the hair dryer and then pass a straightener which will allow the treatment to remain intact for several weeks.

Speaking of straighteners, if you want to know how to understand if the temperature is right for your hair, you can consult our guide.

That said, obviously this technique it is much more effective on those who already have straight hair by nature, or has performed a straightening keratin treatment, for example.

In any case, it is not recommended for those with very straight hair, because the ironing and smoothing treatment could stress them.

But do liquid hair look good on all cuts? Not exactly. They are certainly good for those with at least medium – long hair, because on too short cuts it is very difficult to have the desired effect, since the movement will not be visible.

Likewise, on very layered hair they would not look good for the same reason.

The perfect cuts on which to apply them are therefore the long and medium and even ones, or in any case almost even.

An example? The Sliced ​​Bob, slightly longer in front and shorter in back, which is still a bob, but longer than normal.

As we anticipated, making liquid hair at home is still possible, but it is not something that is done in a very short time, so it requires a bit of goodwill.

The first thing to do is a treatment to do before shampooing, with an oil-based compress, which nourishes the hair shaft.

Having done this, we must proceed with the washing, but in this case Reverse Shampooing is recommended, a “reverse shampoo”, which consists in applying the conditioner first and only then the shampoo.

This is useful because makes the hair smooth, but at the same time voluminous, therefore we will not run the risk of having the hair too “attached” to the head.

At this point we can proceed with a leave-in spray conditioner, which does not require rinsing and which allows us to have hair that is already shiny, bright and very soft.

At the end we obviously have to move on to the fold. How to do it? With a round brush, which we will use to dry the hair.

Then we have to pass a steam plate over our entire hair, which gives the hair a mirror effect and that’s it.

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