Live, D’Urso closes the Prati case. La Perricciolo denies everyone

Barbara D’Urso, confession on the relationship with Mara Venier

Barbara D'Urso closes the season with the comparison between the words of Eliana Michelazzo and Pamela Perricciolo

The Prati affair was born and consumed in Barbara D’Urso's lounges. So it could only happen at Live – It is not D’Urso, the comparison between the versions of those that are two of the three protagonists of the whole question: Eliana Michelazzo and Pamela Perricciolo. Great absent, however, just Pamela Prati, who, after a long back and forth with the program, decided not to show up.

Michelazzo, after having sworn the existence of Mark Caltagirone, had let herself go to a long confession in which she admitted that she had lied. It was his words that brought down the castle of lies built around the wedding of Pamela Prati and added details to an already complicated affair.

Indeed, Eliana has admitted not only the nonexistence of the notorious Mark Caltagirone, but also that of Simone Coppi, the man who said she was her husband for over ten years. She then confessed to being the victim of a scam, carried out by her friend and colleague Pamela Perricciolo.

For its part, the latter allowed herself to be interviewed, denying, in turn, the words of Eliana Michelazzo and giving her own version of the facts. Perricciolo said that she was not behind Mark Caltagirone, Simone Coppi and the numerous fake profiles used in the affair. He added that Michelazzo was aware of everything that was happening. Pamela Prati would have planned everything, he said.

Barbara D’Urso therefore decided to compare Perricciolo and Michelazzo to try to understand the truth once and for all. First, however, the presenter made viewers hear important new statements. To speak a woman who preferred not to be identified, but who accused Pamela Perricciolo of introducing her to a man, who later proved to be non-existent, and of having plagiarized her. In short, the same version of Eliana, Manuela Arcuri, Alfonso Signorini and Sara Varone.

Also interesting are the words of Luigi Oliva, ex-boyfriend of Pamela Prati, who revealed that he had received messages from Mark and Sebastian Caltagirone, which told him not to tell anything about his past relationship with the showgirl.

In addition, D’Urso kept us clarifying the reasons for the absence of Prati in the last episode of Live. In fact, he showed the messages in which the Prati lawyer asked for compensation for Pamela's participation in the broadcast. The request was then rejected and it all ended with the forfeit of the former star of Bagaglino.

The comparison between Michelazzo and Perricciolo, however, was by far the most awaited moment by the public. The two, both present in the studio, did not clash in a face to face and preferred not to speak. Perricciolo said that, according to her, Prati knew from the beginning that Mark Caltagirone did not exist. She took her share of the blame and admitted that she had held the game to the Sardinian showgirl, underlining, however, that Eliana was also no stranger to the facts.

The case assembled around the fake wedding of Pamela Prati, although enriched with further details, has thus come to an end: all the lies told in these months have now been denied.

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