Live, D’Urso closes with a thought for Zanardi and the strength of Lory Del Santo

Live, D’Urso closes with a thought for Zanardi and the strength of Lory Del Santo

Barbara D'Urso dedicates a thought to Alex Zanardi and welcomes Lory Del Santo's confessions about her son Loren

Last crackling episode for Live. Barbara D’Urso thus concludes a truly particular and tiring season, but one that has met with great success. The show, in fact, due to the recent health emergency has been slightly modified, including in the first part moments of information and comparison. But the contingencies are not over. In fact, due to a domestic accident, the presenter had to wear an unusual accessory.

He announced it to his fans a few days ago with a video on Instagram: Barbara D’Urso burned her right hand. For this reason he must necessarily wear a bandage even during the live broadcast of Live. Despite the annoyance and pain, which she is keeping in check with the medicines, the presenter, however, did not want to miss the appointment with her audience, and continued to work to build a captivating episode of Live.

Barbara D’Urso hasn't given up on style either. Thus, he wore a beautiful black lace dress, with gold inserts in Baroque style across the boat neckline, which highlighted his perfect physique. To cover the bandage on her arm, the conductor opted, then, for a touch of class with a special accessory: a black lace glove.

Despite his injury, his thoughts immediately went to his audience. The presenter, in fact, before letting her guests enter the studio, wanted to thank the viewers of Live – It is not D’Urso:

This evening is the last episode of this season, we will start again on September 13th. Things happened, we started the program one way and then the world stopped. I just want to say thank you to everyone.

Barbara D’Urso then joined the rumors that, in recent days, have risen to send messages of hope to Alex Zanardi, who has been his guest several times in the past and who has been involved in a bad accident:

Great master of life, incredible. He will make it this time too, we are all here to pray for him. He is a great man.

Also touching is the interview with Lory Del Santo, who wanted to speak with an open heart about his younger son Loren, who committed suicide because of a serious illness. Thus he retraced the path that led to his birth and the development of his disease:

I asked myself this question: if I had known from the beginning that he would have developed this disease, which however is irreversible, that nothing can be done and there is no medicine in the world that can heal him. I would have spent twenty years of my unhappy life. Instead, I spent twenty very happy years. And maybe it was good, because I couldn't have saved him anyway. This is the thing that gives me a lot of strength.

With tears in her eyes, excited but determined to remember Loren with a smile, she added:

Pain if you don't control it becomes a chronic disease, I have to overcome. In life there are things that happen. Philosophy helps a lot: you have to give big values ​​to things. I want to fight for all the people in the world who suffer from such dramas. I am with them.

An interview that is not easy for Lory Del Santo to deal with and which Barbara D’Urso, visibly moved, tried to carry on with the utmost delicacy. "You have to be strong for those who love you," concluded the showgirl.

After what has been a real tour de force, made up of unexpected events, difficulties and great satisfactions, Barbara D’Urso is ready to enjoy well-deserved holidays. It will air again in September not only with Live, but also with all its programs. What will your plans be to surprise us?

Barbara D'Urso

Barbara D’Urso's look. Source: Instagram.

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