Live – It is not the D’Urso, the closure confirmed. But Barbara takes revenge

Barbara D'Urso

"Live – Non è la D'Urso" closes early, but the presenter gains a new afternoon space

Barbara D’Urso in costume on Instagram: she is a blast

After the rumors of the past few days, the confirmation arrives from the Mediaset leaders: Live – It is not the D’Urso closes its season early. But the news is not over, and apparently Barbara D’Urso has already had the opportunity to take her revenge, obtaining an additional space that will expand her Sunday Live show.

Let's go in order. Recently there was talk of the possible early closure of Live – It's not the D’Urso, news that surprised everyone. According to rumors, this would represent a clear desire to renew the schedules of Canale 5, but the low ratings obtained in the last episodes would also have influenced the decision. The official nature of this news arrived in the past few hours, with a press release released by Mediaset. Barbara D’Urso's Sunday prime time show will close the season on March 28th, earlier than originally planned.

Live – Non è la D'Urso has in any case satisfied the top of the network this year too, with events full of surprises and emotions, but also with many topical and political insights that have made it one of the most followed broadcasts in the its time slot. From the official note, moreover, we learn that this is not a definitive closure, as the rumors suggested: "Like all programs that represent an appointment for the public, the evening talk will resume with the new editions".

The good news is that the presenter will still have the opportunity to expand her television offer thanks to the extension of Domenica Live. Starting from 11 April, in fact, the show will have an additional space in the early afternoon, divided into two sections: the first, from 15:00 to 17:00, will be dedicated to information and current events, while the second, until 18:45, will once again see the main faces of the entertainment world as protagonists. Barbara D’Urso will thus have 4 hours of live coverage, in which she will incorporate entertainment and information on Sunday.

Obviously, it also continues its afternoon commitment during the week, with the daily episodes of Afternoon Five that will remain on the air until the summer. Mauro Crippa, director general of Mediaset information, said: "Barbara D’Urso is capable of looking beyond the boundaries of the traditional news audience. He can speak simple language, he informs and entertains families who spend Sundays at home. He knows how to explain politics even to those who do not normally follow it. Barbara is a resource for Mediaset, a professional who has never betrayed her audience “.

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