Live, Nicolò Zenga on his father: "For him I was a burden". And Jacopo defends him

Live, Nicolò Zenga sul padre: “Per lui ero un peso”. E Jacopo lo difende

Live – It is not the D'Urso hosted the clash between the Nicolò and Jacopo, sons of the former footballer Walter Zenga accused of having been a bad father

In the new episode of Live – It is not the D’Urso we have returned to talk about the controversy over Walter Zenga. Special guests of the hostess this time were the two children of the former football player, Nicolò and Jacopo. At the moment, tensions seem not to be smoothed out, thanks to the news of the autobiographical book written by Nicolò precisely to reveal some (ugly) background on his childhood and his relationship with Zenga.

To raise this fuss for the first time was Andrea, son of Zenga's ex-wife Roberta Termali together with Nicolò and who is currently one of the competitors of the GF Vip. In the Casa the young Andrea had moments of crisis in which unpublished details emerged on the more private Walter Zenga. He accused him of being an absent father and failing to give him what all children need: support, trust, love. Walter Zenga responded to Andrea's harsh accusations through a post on Instagram in which, without naming names but letting it be understood, he stated “talk about my life when yours will be an example”.

Nicolò seems to be on the same wavelength and has always supported his brother Andrea, despite his father's replies to the accusations, which denies everything. Just as the former partner of the football player Hoara Borselli, guest of the last episode of Live – Non è la D’Urso denies, who reiterated "the image that is emerging of him is completely distorted". Even Zenga's ex-wife Elvira Carfagna in the afternoon episode of Domenica Live specified that, although she suffered a lot due to the separation from the player, she never stopped respecting him. And that has always been there for his son Jacopo.

The story of the Zenga does not seem to find an end and it was Biagio D’Anelli who threw even more flesh into the fire who, in a completely exclusive way, gave Barbara D’Urso the preface of Nicolò's autobiographical book. The words about his father were sharp to say the least: “From an early age my father always treated me as if I were a burden, almost as if I bothered him”. Jacopo replied with no little perplexity, amazed by the fact that his brother Nicolò, with whom he has always had a good relationship, never revealed his intention to report such private facts in a book.

"Walter Zenga will appear very soon", comments Barbara D’Urso. Hinting that there will certainly be new developments on the matter and that it will be the former footballer, who is currently in Dubai, to reply.

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