Long-lasting lipsticks: the best of the season not to be missed

rossetti lunga durata migliori

Long-lasting and passionate kiss-proof: here are the long-lasting long-lasting lipsticks to add to your collection.

best long lasting lipsticks

Impossible not to have a long-lasting lipstick in your beauty case. All day long products to wear without fear of smudging, which will resist any event or condition (including mask). Lipsticks, lip tints and lacquers with hyper pigmented formulas that will not go out of the edges, will remain all day and, above all, are no transfer.

If your desire for color has never taken a back seat, this is the right time to discover the best long-lasting lipsticks that will make the season unique according to the trends.


  • How to apply long-lasting lipstick
  • The best long lasting lipsticks
    • MAC, Retro Matte lipstick
    • Charlotte Tilbury, Tinted Love
    • Dior, Diorific
    • Lancome, L’absolu Rouge Drama Ink
    • Catrice, Matt Pro Ink
    • Make Up For Ever, Rouge Artist
    • Wakeup Cosmetics, Petail Veil Liquid Lipstick
    • ClioMakeUp, LiquidLove
    • La Perla, Matte Silk Lipstick
    • KVD Beauty, Everlasting Liquid Lipstick
    • Kiko, Green Me Matte Lipstick
    • Sephora, Cream Lip Stain
    • Nabla, Cult Matte Soft Touch Lipstick
    • Maybelline, Superstay
    • Wycon, Liquid lipstick
    • Lime crime, Matte Velvetines

How to apply long-lasting lipstick

Surely the formula can make a difference, but when applying a lipstick and looking for a result that can last hours and hours, it is good to pay attention to the right steps.

It starts with the lipcare: yes to the scrub, at least once a week. In this way there will be no cuticles and more or less dehydrated areas that could make the lipstick last less. Do not forget the primer, just like the face, and to delimit the edges of the mouth or to change, correct or enhance the lips add a lip pencil of the same color as the lipstick. Obviously it delimits the edges, but also fill the inside of the mucosa for a long lasting result.

Last tip? After applying the lipstick, apply a thin layer of transparent loose powder by placing a tissue between the lips and the brush. In this way you will increase the hold of the colored lacquer applied by making the lipstick waterproof.

The best long lasting lipsticks

It’s time to discover the best long-lasting lipsticks for this season. Nude, red and burgundy: it is impossible not to find the indelible lipstick suitable for you for your lips.

MAC, Retro Matte lipstick

MAC long lasting lipstick

You can’t be lipstick addicted without having a velvet effect lipstick in your beauty case. Despite the super matte formula, they flow easily and last for hours and hours.

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Charlotte Tilbury, Tinted LoveLong lasting lipstick charlotte tilbury

More than a long-lasting lipstick, but a perfect multipurpose product both as a lip tint and to give color to the cheeks. Ideal to keep in your bag for a last-minute touch-up.

Dior, DiorificLong-lasting lipstick dior

In addition to a full and super resistant color, this lipstick stands out for the full gold packaging that makes it a real collector’s item.

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Lancome, L’absolu Rouge Drama Ink

Long-lasting lancome lipstick

Not the usual long-lasting lipstick with a matte effect, but characterized by a semi-matte and ultra comfortable finish. A true second skin effect thanks to the water-in-oil emulsion technology, allowing the application of a thinner but full of color layer.

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Catrice, Matt Pro InkLong-lasting lipstick

Impossible not to mention the low-cost long-lasting lipsticks that enter the ranking with flying colors. Enriched with moringa butter, it has a liquid texture that is light and pleasant on the lips.

Make Up For Ever, Rouge Artist Long-lasting lipstick make up for ever

This lipstick is not only characterized by the long lasting effect and a pleasantly moisturizing formula, but also by the shape that is inspired by the lip brush. This allows an intuitive and very precise application.

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Wakeup Cosmetics, Petail Veil Liquid Lipstick Long-lasting lipstick wakeup cosmetics

An extremely elastic matte liquid lipstick that adapts to the lips giving color and a magnificent velvety finish. Despite the dry formula, it flows with pleasure on the lips and leaves a lovely scent of cotton candy. Cruelty free and Vegan friendly.

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ClioMakeUp, LiquidLoveLong-lasting lipstick clio makeup

In a short time these colors have become a real trend for those who love colors with an infinite hold. The color is not completely opaque, but leaves a pleasant luminous effect that will not compromise its long-lasting effect.

La Perla, Matte Silk Lipstick Long-lasting lipstick the pearl

They are a novelty in the world of make-up and, in addition to offering a super hold on the lips and a full color, they have a dreamy and super chic packaging.

KVD Beauty, Everlasting Liquid LipstickLong lasting lipstick kvd beauty

A creamy vegan formula, with long-lasting pigments that don’t smudge. A lipstick made up of moisturizing agents of natural origin, derived from vitamin E and sunflower seeds.

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Kiko, Green Me Matte Lipstick

Kiko long lasting lipstick

The green formula, with raw materials of natural origin and enriched with almond oil and castor oil, combines particular attention to the environment with a pigmented and super-covering lipstick, right from the first pass. The plus is given by the paper packaging to promote a lower use of plastic components.

Sephora, Cream Lip Stain

Long-lasting lipstick Sephora

A full color rich in color, which dries on the lips leaving a beautiful matte and super resistant effect. It does not dry the lips and guarantees the no-transfer effect: kiss-proof.

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Nabla, Cult Matte Soft Touch Lipstick

Long-lasting lipstick nabla

Not the usual matte effect, but enriched by the satin finish. Thanks to the light oils and micronized powders that combine with each other for a perfect soft-focus effect.

You can check the price and buy it by clicking here

Maybelline, SuperstayLong-lasting lipstick maybelline

16 hours of hold and comfort thanks to the elastic ink formula with highly concentrated pigments. Do not underestimate the pointed applicator that allows you to draw precise lines even on the contours.

You can buy the product on Amazon by clicking here

Wycon, Liquid lipstick

Long-lasting wycon lipstick

A perfect lipstick for those looking for an all day long matte effect together with a precision applicator that allows you to outline the lips in the best possible way for a super HOT result.

Lime crime, Matte Velvetines

Long-lasting lipstick lime crimecon

It was one of the first long-lasting lipsticks to arrive from overseas. It stands out from the others not only for its super tightness, but also for the range of colors: from the most exaggerated to those perfect to be worn every day.

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