Luca Argentero: “I will have a baby girl. Cristina Marino and I are not afraid "

Luca Argentero: “I will have a baby girl. Cristina Marino and I are not afraid "

Luca Argentero talks about happiness with Cristina Marino and the wait for the arrival of his daughter

Luca Argentero tells his joy and that of Cristina Marino, waiting for a little girl. The actor is looking forward to becoming a dad and is ready to face this great adventure. 42 years old and a long career in the world of cinema, Argentero told the weekly Oggi that he was very happy.

Currently the actor is in Umbria, in his villa in Città della Pieve where Cristina is living the last weeks of her pregnancy. Instagram fitness expert and influencer will soon have a baby girl. A love, that between Marino and Argentero, born on the set of Holidays in the Caribbean when the ex gieffino had already ended the marriage with Myriam Catania with whom he was married for over ten years.

The difference in age between the two (13 years old) made one think of a passing flirtation, but Cristina and Luca surprised everyone, proving to be a solid and strong couple. Once the gossip had passed, the actors decided to expand the family, announcing the arrival of their first child, while the wedding may soon take place.

"Fear? No, she gives us even more hope – said Argentero, telling the wait -. Our little girl will arrive in late spring (…) I am even more enthusiastic, confident and hopeful. Our feeling, and I also speak for Cristina, is of pure joy. We are sure that everything will be fine. I think everyone is rethinking their priorities right now … Having a small life to welcome, my commitment will be to make it the best possible world. "

Reaching success thanks to Big Brother, Luca Argentero managed to build a solid career in the world of cinema and TV. Reserved and far from gossip, she lived an overwhelming love story with Myriam Catania, married in 2009 after five years of engagement. Then the farewell and the meeting with Cristina Marino who changed his life, leading him to become a dad at 42 years old.

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