Maderotherapy and lymphatic drainage massage for legs at the top


from Ilaria Perrotta

The miniskirt is back in fashion. But feeling good about yourself is the fundamental prerequisite for wearing it. So, let’s show off the legs even out of season. It is important to take care of this part of the body, which has always been a critical area since the ascent of blood and lymph is against gravity and it needs a tonic circulatory and lymphatic system. So, put a lymphatic drainage massage it is useful both to show off the mini, and to get rid of heaviness and swelling. Just like Naomi Campbell does before a fashion show.

What is maderoterapia

The beauty secret behind Naomi Campbell’s panther stride, as she herself revealed on YouTube, is a particular one lymphatic drainage performed in a specialized center in Paris with the maderotherapy.

“It is an ancient technique that comes from Colombia and consists of a massage with different wooden tools (the word” madera “means” wood “in Spanish, ed) that allow a complete remodeling from the head to the feet. It is a non-invasive procedure that stimulates every area of ​​the body, without causing tissue damage, ”he explains Chiara Zurro, Spa Manager of the Prehistoric Baths of Montegrotto. «Due to its high draining effect, maderotherapy allows to obtain visible results from the first session. Furthermore, it improves blood circulation and regulates lymphatic circulation, which are essential in the fight against water retention.

Still, maderoterapia is an excellent technique both to prevent cellulite and to counteract it. Thanks to the action of the wooden rollers, it penetrates and succeeds in reduce localized fat mass, favoring the drainage of excess fluids “, continues the expert who also emphasizes how immediately the skin appears more toned and firm due to the increased production of elastin, vitamin E and collagen, substances that tend to be lost with the passing of years and that this massage stimulates in a natural way. But the benefits are not over: the nervous system is reactivated, muscle tone improves, the tissues become oxygenated, the contractures fade. “Although from the first session you begin to see important results, it usually takes several sessions to complete the treatment, plus a few monthly maintenance sessions, which prolong the results obtained over time,” says Chiara Zurro.

The lymphatic drainage massage

Not only maderoterapia: also with the classic lymphatic drainage massage you reshape your silhouette and feel lighter, as he explains Fabiola MazzacchiSpa Manager of the Thermal Spa of the Grand Hotel Terme di Comano: «In our facility we offer manual lymphatic drainage: it promotes lymphatic circulation through light pressure and slow movements carried out exclusively with the hands that immediately reactivate it. The goal is twofold: to free the body from toxins, accumulations of liquids and at the same time give new vitality and brightness to the skin. To maximize the effect we recommend combine it with the thermal hydromassage which stimulates the flow of lymphatic circulation with the power of the spa water, improving venous return and reducing the imperfections of cellulite ». This treatment «is especially recommended for women over 50 who spend a lot of time on their feet like the famous supermodel, or sitting at the deskand who can, therefore, suffer from lymphatic stasisan occlusion of the lymphatic vessels due to the position held during the day and does not allow the correct outflow of the circulation », specifies the Spa manager.

The secrets of do-it-yourself self-massage263482

Good news for those who do not want to move from home but still have the goal of eliminating water retention and cellulite, gaining radiant skin, increasing the immune system, reduce abdominal bloating, get rid of headaches and digestive difficulties. Getting all of this is easier than it looks.

Just organize a small spa at home. Such as? Taking five minutes to complete a self-draining massage. The book explains it The lymphatic awakening (ed. Mondadori Electa, € 16.90), in which the author Lisa Levitt Gainsley, among leading experts in the field, describes her exclusive method based on lymphatic drainage self-massage, a practice that obtains extraordinary results in a short time thanks to simple sequences lasting from 3 to 5 minutes each, within everyone’s reach. The author shares her self-massage techniques with simple explanations, illustrated by clear and immediate drawings. And now, are you ready for the mini?

The products that help you
Here is a series of products that can help you show off legs at the top. The first 5 are dedicated to massage, while the other three are suggested for the scrub.

Three in one

Intensive leg drainage from Somatoline Cosmetic is a multi-action crystalline gel that, with a single gesture, intensely drains, fights water retention and reshapes the silhouette of the legs (€ 29.90).

Anti-fat boost

Helps to get rid of excess roundness and thanks all’escina, fights aqueous cellulite. And the Sérum Détox Drainant from LPG (€ 49).

Sculpture effect

It fights stagnation liquids, favoring the reduction of fat pads and fighting cellulite. Firming Anti-Cellulite Cream from Clinians (€ 11.50).

Dissolve fat

Against fat deposits and the orange peel effect there is the Massager roller in beech wood from Tuuli Accessories (€ 21.90).


Thanks to the active PatchH20 in combination with hawthorn and cornflower water, it reduces swelling of the legs and counteracts relaxation: Antigravity Body Gel from SkinLabo (€ 12).

Texture 4.0

It combines the benefits of an anti-cellulite mud with the effectiveness of Slim-Drone, a cutting-edge active ingredient that affects the fat cell. Draining Gel-Mud Anti-cellulite from Collistar (€ 59).

Liquid dryer

From the Water of Beauty line from Green shop, Aquactive Drendrains excess fluids and fights cellulite. Supplement in tablets with plant extracts (€ 21.50).


Exfoliating with 95% of ingredients of natural origin and trace elements from the Dead Sea, lo Draining Sugar Scrub from Geomar prepares the skin well for subsequent anti-swelling treatments (€ 11.90).

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