Mara Venier, after the debut of Domenica In returns to Nicola Carraro

Mara Venier, after the debut of Domenica In returns to Nicola Carraro

The debut of the new season of “Domenica In” was a success: but for Mara Venier it is already time to return to her loved ones

Mara Venier, 70 years of love and career

Mara Venier has kicked off a new edition of Domenica In with an amazing episode, full of guests loved by the public and fun moments. The debut was therefore a real success, but as soon as the spotlights went out, the host ran on the first train to return to her husband.

Aunt Mara gave us a fantastic first date, welcoming big names from the show business such as Loretta Goggi, Mamhood and Paola Cortellesi to the studio. The curtain has thus opened on the new season of Domenica In, perhaps the last for Venier – or perhaps not, she herself does not seem to have clear ideas yet. What is certain is that the presenter has no intention of putting aside her private life to devote herself to her career again. So much so that, as soon as the debut episode ended, she wasted no time and left for Milan.

Although she and Nicola Carraro have a splendid penthouse in the center of Rome, which offers a breathtaking view, her husband is currently located in the Lombard capital. And Mara did not want to leave him alone in what was, for them, a very special day. On Sunday 19 September, the date on which the Venier show kicked off, the anniversary of their first meeting was in fact celebrated. Among her Instagram stories, the presenter shared all her joy for the evening that, shortly thereafter, would await her.

“Here I am, after Domenica In, by train. Soon I will come from my love ”- exclaimed Aunt Mara, who did not hesitate to travel as soon as the episode ended. To celebrate her anniversary with Nicola, she has also published a beautiful photo on social media that portrays her, smiling, next to the man of her life. “On September 19, 2000, we met for the first time, my love. It’s been 21 years and I love you more and more. You are everything to me: love, friendship, esteem, my fixed point, my balance. In short, you are everything I’ve always been looking for. A real ‘blow to c * lo’ having met you that September 19th many years ago ”- is the sweet dedication that Mara Venier wanted to share with her fans.

She and her husband Nicola fell in love a long time ago, and on June 28, 2006 they got married. In recent months, they have therefore celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary, a milestone that they wanted to celebrate in the company of their dearest loved ones. And for the occasion, the producer honored his wife with 101 red roses, a delightful gift that won over (once again!) Venier.

Mara Venier returns to Nicola Carraro after Domenica In

Mara Venier and Nicola Carraro

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