Mara Venier closes Domenica In with a bang. And on Instagram the proposal for Nicola Carraro

Mara Venier closes Domenica In with a bang. And on Instagram the proposal for Nicola Carraro

Mara Venier closes Domenica In with 23% share. And there are those who also propose her husband Nicola Carraro to conduct the transmission

Mara Venier in home version on Instagram

Mara Venier closes Domenica In with another record and with the title of Lady of Sunday, unique and undisputed. Her audience will regret her in these summer months, waiting to see her again in September with some small changes on the horizon.

The last episode of Sunday In saw over 3 million viewers nailed to the screen with 23% share peaks, also thanks to its guests, from Romina Power to Loretta Goggi. Not to mention the floral tribute of her husband Nicola Carraro (last June 28 was their wedding anniversary).

After the live broadcast and the very special season of Domenica In, Zia Mara celebrated on the terrace with the family: pizza, french fries and cake. Among the guests there is a special one, the little Claudietto, the little grandson of Venier and son of Paolo Capponi. On her Instagram profile, the presenter still in wheelchairs for the fracture of the foot has published a photo that portrays her while holding the baby in her arms and comments: "This is real joy … …: ❤️ thank you … .. a big hug great at all … ". So, the presenter reveals the true joy of her life, the little Claudietto, who, distracted by the French fries, however, does not say how much he loves her.

Meanwhile, on social media Mara Venier is literally celebrated for the successes achieved on Domenica In. And her husband applauds but launches an appeal: "Oh well, what season, and what a final episode, now rest please please". Among the followers there are those who reply: "Mr. Nicola, you are a gentleman … Kisses to Mara and a well deserved rest! P.S .: Yesterday was more beautiful than ever … ❤ ". Even someone suggests to Rai to hire Carraro next year too: "You should present it together on Sunday in❤️". Could this be the news that Venier had announced for the next season? Maybe it's a little too risky to think about it.

Certainly Nicola and Mara are the most loved couple on TV. And among the Instagram comments we read: "How much I like Aunt Mara, and what a pussy you married 🥰🥰🥰🥰". And soon there will be an encore wedding. In fact, the two will get married again next September in Puglia.

The two are therefore preparing to enjoy their well-deserved holidays with the awareness that only Mara Venier is the queen of the TV: "Mara was a spectacular magnificent example of duty and humility for viewers …. she always gave smiles, suffering in silence …. given all of herself so that the episodes of Domenica In were full of light-heartedness, animation and lots of laughter, intonations of songs creating a real family atmosphere …. I say thanks to this fantastic wonderwoman and above all I say to those bad people: MAKE A REASON … ..MARA IS THE TRUE QUEEN OF TELEVISION ".

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