Mara Venier confesses and talks about 20 years of love with Nicola Carraro

Mara Venier confesses and talks about 20 years of love with Nicola Carraro

The queen of Domenica In spoke of the early days of their history and a moment of crisis dating back to 2011

Mara Venier and Nicola Carraro: 14 years of marriage in photos

The Sunday afternoon lady of Rai 1 is about to return. On 13 September, in fact, at 2.00 pm the spotlights are turned on the new season of Domenica In. At the helm always she: Mara Venier, the stainless and volcanic aunt Mara who, with her tenacity, her cheerfulness and love for work that has been carried out successfully for years, has entered the hearts of millions of people and never leaves it again.

Waiting to return to her Sunday parlor, Mara Venier confessed in a long interview with the weekly Oggi. During this chat, he touched on several topics. The Venetian presenter, who will turn 70 on October 20, focused on her program, declaring that the 2020/2021 season will be the continuation of the past one.

"Initially I wanted to change everything, but then Stefano Coletta (the director of Rai 1, ed) told me that I am the format of the program": these are the words of the wonderful Mara Venier, very ready to return to sit at the table on Domenica In.

The presenter, who at the registry office is called Mara Povoleri, also told of the twenty years of love, which she celebrates this year, with her husband Nicola Carraro. Married since 2006, they are one of the most united and happy couples in the world of entertainment (as proof of the wonderful relationship that binds them, we can also call into question the sweet posts of their daily life that they share on Instagram).

Aunt Mara said that, at the beginning of their story, they went through a period of hiding. At the time she had a boyfriend "so boring" that she left one afternoon to leave shortly after for the Caribbean with Carraro. Since then, they have never broken up.

In these two decades, like all couples, they have experienced moments of ups and downs. Venier said that, in the summer of 2011, they spent "complicated holidays", after which he returned from Sardinia to Milan and she went to Rome, determined to leave him. To bring them back together after that only interlude of serious difficulty, a difficult moment for Carraro concerning health: in that year, Mara Venier's husband was operated on for a carotid occlusion. Since then, as recalled by the queen of Domenica In herself, there have been no more crises between them, even if they often and willingly argue.

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