Mara Venier ready for Domenica In: it starts again on 13 September

Mara Venier ready for Domenica In: it starts again on 13 September

Mara Venier is preparing for a season of great successes: Domenica In will start again from 13 September

Mara Venier relaxes with her husband Nicola Carraro and prepares to return to TV with Domenica In next 13 September. The presenter is enjoying the holidays waiting for a new television season that will undoubtedly be full of hits. Mara left behind difficult months in which, once again, she demonstrated her great professionalism, conquering the public.

If many programs have stopped, Domenica In continued to air, keeping the Italians company. Despite the fear, Mara wanted to respect her commitment with the viewers, bringing a smile to the homes of those who could not go out. Venier did not stop even when, after a fall from the stairs, she discovered that she had fractured her foot. Stainless and grandiose, the presenter will return to lead Domenica In in what, as she has already announced, will be her last season.

"Fabrizio Salini called me and said: now you are Rai – he said shortly after the end of the show, taking stock in an interview with the Messenger -. He convinced me, but I was afraid because my husband has lung problems. I would come home after the show and undress on the landing. I went into the bathroom naked, I took all precautions. It was hard. And then I fall down the stairs. Could I stop? No? With cabbage. A fracture is nothing compared to a pandemic ”.

“I think I'll finish Sunday In and then goodbye – he revealed -. I have already taken my great satisfaction this year and that's enough for me. In the face of those who had sent me away, saying I was old ”. How will the new Domenica In by Mara Venier be? The show will reopen its doors on 13 September with lots of news. In fact, alongside the presenter there will be other professionals. Among them, as stated by Mara herself, there could be Stefano De Martino.

The host, at the center of the gossip for the farewell to Belen Rodriguez, has become a much loved face of Rai and the agreement with the presenter is strong. Certainly in the next edition of the Sunday container there will also be plenty of space for information, with discussions and interviews about current events.

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