Mara Venier shows her fractured foot on Instagram and Domenica In is at risk


On Instagram, Mara Venier shows her fractured foot and the next episodes of Domenica In may be at risk

Mara Venier in home version on Instagram

Mara Venier shows her fractured foot on Instagram and the next episodes of Domenica In could be at risk. The last episode of the Sunday show was quite eventful, especially for the presenter who had to deal with a bad injury. Mara in fact slipped into the house, a few hours before going on the air, hurting her foot. It was she who told Instagram to the viewers waiting for the start of Sunday In, who posted a shot on Instagram showing a showy bandage.

“I try to go on the air – he explained – I fell from the stairs to this morning to come here. I think fracture in the foot, a blow to the head! Immediately after Sunday on radiography! ”. And immediately after her Domenica In, between the interview with Giovanna Botteri and the great emotions live, Mara Venier ran to the hospital. A few hours after the episode of the Rai show, she posted a shot on Instagram in which she announced that her foot had fractured.

"A nice fracture to the foot, olè," announced Mara, complete with a sad face. The presenter then thanked Giovanni Di Giacomo, orthopedist and former partner of Heather Parisi, who took care of her. The injury certainly put Venier to the test, who has been unstoppable in the last period despite the difficulties. The presenter never hid her concern for her husband Nicola Carraro and the pain of being away from her children and her beloved grandchild, despite everything she kept on air with Domenica In to give a smile to her fans. Will he do it again? The plaster cast shown by Mara on Instagram is quite conspicuous and conducting such a transmission is rather difficult.

The last episode of Domenica In was scheduled for June 28th. According to TvBlog, Rai was ready to organize a great show live from Rimini to launch a clear signal to restart the television after the lockdown. The fracture of Venier could change the plans of Viale Mazzini and also the future of the next episodes of the Sunday show. During the program, Mara had let herself go to the emotion, thanking her team on live TV: "Really good guys, I have to congratulate my authors, my team, I really thank you, even today I know that I haven't I was walking, you took me, thank you ".

Mara Venier Instagram

Mara Venier – Source: Instagram

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