Mara Venier, the costume photo from 10 years ago enchants Instagram

Mara Venier a "Domenica In"

Mara Venier posted on Instagram a photo that portrays her in costume hand in hand with Nicola Carraro. She in costume sends everyone into raptures

Mara Venier shares on her Instagram profile a photo from 10 years ago that shows her Nicola Carraro hand in hand and sends her followers into raptures.

To tell the truth, Carraro is the first to always publish the amarcord shot on social media. The couple, who decided to get married for the second time this September just like Francesco Facchinetti and Wilma Faissol did, are immortalized holding hand in hand on a beach in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The two smile happily.

Aunt Mara is stunning wearing a red one-piece swimsuit and maxi shirt, revealing her perfect legs, and a straw hat, while her Nicola is sporting an electric blue beach suit. The presenter comments: “Good times 😘 Turks and Caicos Islands… .beautiful memories” and lots of laughing faces.

Vip friends and fans rush to write on Instagram. Alessia Marcuzzi throws herself in compliments: “La bonaggine”, which Rocio Morales is associated with: “Wonderful”. There is no lack of those who notice the physical transformation, especially Carraro: “A few pounds is for him 😂”. While for the stainless Zia Mara compliments are not wasted: "@mara_venier your beauty is that you are one of us … Yesterday and today what represents simplicity and the flow of life in total naturalness by Anny remains". “@Mara_venier you are of a simple beauty especially in your eyes… in what they express. I believe you are one of the few real women. Greetings .. A mother ”. Someone compares the presenter to Ursula Andress, but immediately there are those who intervene to correct: "More belal". However, everyone agrees that Venier and Carraro form a splendid couple: “Che fichi space”.

Good memories with which Mara and Nicola pay homage to the fans, waiting for the presenter to return to conduct Domenica In. The appointment is for next 13 September. Venier will be at the helm of the historic program for the third consecutive time, it could not be otherwise after the success achieved in previous seasons, in addition to the fact that the presenter was able to carry on the transmission despite the difficulties due to the pandemic and its broken foot. However, some new features are planned for 2020-2021.

Mara Venier Nicola Carraro

Mara Venier and Nicola Carraro – Source: Instagram

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