Mara Venier triumphs at Domenica In and displaces with the confession about Massimo Ranieri

Mara Venier trionfa a Domenica In e spiazza con la confessione su Massimo Ranieri

"Domenica In" is still a great success in terms of listening. And Mara Venier let herself go to an incredible confession

It is once again a record for Domenica In, which with its last appointment in 2020 conquers viewers and scores incredible ratings. Mara Venier brings home a new success: thanks to her amazing interviews, and perhaps also to a confession that left everyone speechless.

The Christmas episode of Domenica In, which aired on December 27, brought many great guests from the world of entertainment to the studio, including rapper Clementino – engaged in The Voice Senior – and the famous dancer Roberto Bolle. It is also thanks to them that Mara Venier returns to triumph with her Sunday talk show: the last appointment of the year has in fact achieved an average of over 3.5 million viewers, with a share of 20.2% in the second part of the program. . Once again, Domenica In is one of the most loved programs by the public.

Among the most intense and exciting moments of the last episode there is certainly the interview with Massimo Ranieri, who wanted to dedicate a beautiful thought to the mother who is no longer there. And when the singer sang the splendid song Reginella, a great classic of Neapolitan music, Mara Venier dissolved in tears at the memory of her mother: "He loved her and I always sang it to him. I did it to the end, even the morning she left ".

However, there was no lack of moments of comedy – on the other hand, Aunt Mara is one of the nicest and most confident hosts on Italian TV. His confession concerning Massimo Ranieri himself was very surprised, a revelation that gave life to a very funny curtain: "You are a true artist, every time I see you I get excited like a child" – said Venier – "I'm sorry not having had an affair with you… You never spun me, you always saw me as a little sister ”.

This sudden confession left Ranieri speechless for a moment, but the artist immediately recovered and replied: "Come on, don't embarrass me. I would have had the opportunity to woo you, but you were engaged at the time ". And at that point Mara herself found herself in trouble, unable to remember who her partner was at that time. It all naturally ended with a big laugh, the one that we will really miss if Venier really leaves Domenica In, as she has long revealed.

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