Maria Elena Boschi in Imola, perfect Ferrari fan (without Berruti)

Maria Elena Boschi in Imola, perfect Ferrari fan (without Berruti)

Maria Elena Boschi posted photos of Imola on Instagram, wearing a red Ferrari cap

Maria Elena Boschi and Giulio Berruti: the secrets of their love story

Maria Elena Boschi and Giulio Berruti: the secrets of their love story

Beautiful, radiant and smiling: this is how Maria Elena Boschi appeared in Imola, with a red Ferrari cap, ready to cheer on our team. The parliamentarian shared on Instagram some shots of her from the Sunday spent in the stands enjoying the thrilling car race, even if there was a great absentee (at least from her social shots): her boyfriend Giulio Berruti.

Maria Elena Boschi, perfect Ferrari fan

Maria Elena Boschi rarely shares personal shots on her social profiles, but sometimes she decides to open a small window on her private life, as she did on the occasion of the Imola Grand Prix. The parliamentarian attended the car race par excellence, the Formula 1 race, in one of the most famous circuits, that of Imola.

And she did it with the look of a perfect fan: Boschi appeared on Instagram in the stands, smiling and carefree, wearing a red Ferrari cap to cheer on our team. “You did not go as we hoped but always go Ferrari !! – She wrote her accompanying the photos shared on her-her official profile. A beautiful show and a great day of sport and Italian excellence “.

The parliamentarian left heels and a suit in the wardrobe and chose a simpler and more comfortable outfit – but not impeccable – for the occasion. She opted for a slightly structured black dress with three-quarter sleeves with a round neckline and a light suede jacket in the same color. She touches the red belt and boots with color, which reflect the color of the Ferrari cap.

Together with her in the stands, cheering for the team, her colleagues Luciano Nobili, deputy of Italia Viva, and Francesco Bonifazi, senator of the same party (with whom it is rumored that Boschi had a relationship in past years). Great absent Giulio Berruti, but the photos speak for themselves: it is impossible not to notice a detail that certainly does not go unnoticed.

Maria Elena Boschi, the (engagement) ring in plain sight

Although absent from the photos of politics, the presence of Giulio Berruti in the life of Maria Elena Boschi is certainly not questioned: in the shots published on Instagram in the foreground, that engagement ring shown for the first time on Valentine’s Day appears in the foreground. year, a clear pledge of love from the companion.

Although there has been several talks about a crisis between the two, their story seems to be proceeding smoothly. After all, the actor and Boschi have always avoided the rumors that they would always be one step away from breaking up, confirming their love with small but significant gestures.

The desire to make plans has existed for some time: their love story has been going on for more than a year and Verissimo Maria Elena Boschi had not hidden her dreams to realize with her partner. “I’d like to get married, but it takes two. In any case, I believe that the important thing is to have a person next to you who, in any case, represents home for you “. And she added: “With Giulio I dream of becoming a mother. I have always dreamed of it. It is natural to think about it next to him because he too likes the idea of ​​having a family ”.

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